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Aaron Sorkin quit Facebook too!


Congrats Aaron. We hope you keep it up.  Read More →

Happy Pride!


Pride month always provides a bevy of news about progress (or lack there of) in the gay community. This pride month is no different. Tracy Morgan decided to go on a homophobic rant in one of his routines, leading the whistleblower of his show to come out to his family. New surveys show that a majority of the American population now support gay marriage.... [Read more]

The Razzies Just Make More Sense for this Jaded Q-Lifer


The Razzies Just Make More Sense for this Jaded QL It’s award season. It’s Chinese New Year. And I am still also having trouble writing 2011 instead of 2010 on all documents. And Yes…I actually do still write a check or two. But outside of my antiqued fiscal dealings and dyslexia, all of that other stuff just points to the special time of the... [Read more]


Could I? Would I? Should We?

FWB – Friends with Benefits – You think it will not be awkward in the morning…but whew! Roses are red Violets are blue With no questions about an “us” You do me and... [Read more]

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I had a WikiLeak once…

I had a WikiLeak once… Seriously I did. But antibiotics cleared it right up. And thanks to my fifth senior year at twenty-three, with whom I thought was an innocent freshman... [Read more]

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Operation Employment

by John Durfee Though I now work in a great office at Airsplat, the nation’s largest retailer of Airsoft guns, it took a strategic search to find this position and I am... [Read more]

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Quarter Life Baby Ban

You hear this? Restaurants, fancy resorts, cruise ships, airlines and bars are joining the movement to ban crying, out of control kids from their establishments. And sans their... [Read more]

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