1. Yaya says:

    ““You’ve lost your muchness.” In a flash I knew that is what this is all about. A path we walk that becomes confused, unfulfilling, and unbearable is a symptom of losing our muchness as 20somethings. It’s incredibly hard to pinpoint what changes or how it changes, but in many ways, we lose our muchness.”
    This was so meaningful to me as I viewed Alice In Wonderland last night. I lost my father a month ago. My mom will be moving in with us. This does not apply only to 20somethings. You see, my parents were married for 66 years. As we struggle through these uncharted waters, I pray my mom and I will not lose our muchness, for the path is indeed confusing and unbearable as 50somethings and even 80somethings.

    • Trina Marie says:

      I was never an Alice in Wonderland fan as a child, it frightened me. My niece was spending the weekend with me and this was what we decided to do.
      This has now become my new favorite movie and that hasn’t happened in over 18yrs.
      I agree with the previous comment that losing your ‘muchness’ can occur at any time in our lives. I am not sure exactly when I lost my ‘muchness’ but I do know that events unfolding in my life recently have led me to be on the path of finding my ‘muchness’.
      As I watched the movie I felt like I was watching pieces of myself and pieces of my life on screen. Watching her placate those around her, denying that she would ever slay a dragon, denying her inner passion of finding her own power until faced with the fact that she at this point HAD to make a choice that she couldn’t run from anymore.
      This is such a powerfully symbolic movie on so many levels. I feel that all young women should watch it before making a major decision to force the question am I doing this for myself or am I placating others?

    • Alice says:

      I agree. The loss of soul and purpose is not only a 20something trial. That line is speaking to many of us, at our own time of awakening. I was intrigued by all the clocks. Time. Time to wake up.

    • Trish says:

      Yaya, I have experienced something similar in my life recently. I am looking to regain my muchness after the whole ordeal. Even though it really hasn’t been lost, I feel it has taken to quiet underlying resolve.

      My Mom was too far into her dementia and needed to enter a full charge Nursing Home, but we had a year and half together. It was a great achievement on both our parts!

      Good Luck and God Bless you!!!


  2. Yaya says:

    Great insights, Trina Marie! Now,go out and find your muchness!;-)

  3. Yaya says:

    Thank you for your well-wishes, Trish. There are 2 things I realize from your situation: There are some things worse than death AND I don’t want to walk in anybody elses shoes. That being said, I continue to walk through this process of grief. It has changed my mom in a way that is not very pretty. Is it grief, or something that my dad kept at bay in such a way that I could not see this side of her? One thing is for sure; my life has changed since my dad died. As I take this journey through grief, I pray that I will come out stronger and be able to reclaim my muchness!

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