1. Katie says:

    Clearing your mind completely is so amazing once you master it.

    So is farting in an elevator.

    Just sayin’.

    • Jayce says:

      Both comments (ideas) very Buddha. Mind power and that chubby, smiling guy has got to have the GI track of a Thanksgiving turkey warrior. Course in India he is portrayed a little thin and the Chinese version is the fat one. Course I also might just need to watch pissing off relgious numero unos.

  2. Adelaide Mankato says:

    I’m guessing you’re a Stones man, dude, because it’s spelled, ‘The Beatles.’ Unless, of course, you are referencing The Shitty Beetles from Wayne’s World.
    Tiny: Wayne. How you doin’?
    Wayne Campbell: Hey, Tiny, who’s playing today?
    Tiny: Jolly Green Giants and the Shitty Beetles.
    Wayne Campbell: Shitty Beetles? Are they any good?
    Tiny: They suck.
    Wayne Campbell: Then it’s not just a clever name.

    • Jayce says:

      Love the Wayne’s World reference. And yep…spell check and repressed Stone’s fandom led to the spelling error. I guess a conversation between Bart Simpson and Millhouse after they break into Flander’s private stash of Beatles collectibles sums up my feelings:

      Millhouse: “The Beatles? Who were these guys?”

      Bart: “Come on man. Don’t you know anything? The Beatles! That band who sings all the songs on Maggie’s baby albums for the car.”

    • Mari McGrath says:

      I was going to go in and change that, but now its comedy gold.

  3. Adelaide Mankato says:

    Wayne’s World is an amazing movie – any way you slice it. Why repress your fandom, by the way? Are you afraid that you’ll have to hide your head in shame when Jagger starts doing Viagra commercials? That sexy voice would sell a lot of little blue pills . . .

  4. Jayce says:

    Oh, I am not ashamed…I will just buy more stock in Pfizer when they do launch the PR campaign. “I can’t get no satisfaction…but I try…and I try and I try…” Damn thing writes itself. Or how about, “Not Fade Away,” “Tell Me (You’re Coming Back,)” “Little Red Rooster” “Heart of Stone,” “Between the Buttons,” “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” “Start Me Up” “Brown sugar” and on and on and on…

    You a Wayne’s World II fan? Not so much here, but do enjoy the line, “Machine gun nests here and here. Be careful these .50 calibers will get very hot people. Safety first.”

  5. Adelaide Mankato says:

    Not so much a fan, but I appreciate the effort.

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