Top Ten Worst Entry Level Jobs

April 28, 2008

10. Mime Apprentice: The performance reviews are always hard to interpret.

9. Food Critic Intern: When you start out, you get nothing but table scraps.

8. Event Promotion Assistant: Actually…working the t-shirt gun can be fun.

7. Entry Level Sales and Marketing: Who looks good wearing a sandwich board on the side of the road?

6. Proctology Intern: With a job like this, it’s comforting to know that the end is near. [Read more]

WTF for Friday, April 25th 2008

April 25, 2008

  • 10 Things I Hate About Commandments
    3000 years in the making.
    Trailer (Video)

Moving to Paradise

April 25, 2008

KauaiMany people have the dream of relocating to a tropical island at one time or another. Sipping Margaritas on breathtaking shores in the hot summer sun; hiking through jungles to remote waterfalls; enjoying the raw power and beauty of the ocean; it’s the vision of paradise. So, why don’t most people follow through with the dream? It’s not easy, that’s why. Assuming you get past the inherent fear of leaving your familiar, comfortable life behind and moving to a foreign world, there are still the financial issues, family and friends, relationships, and career concerns, especially for the people of our generation. This is the time we’re working our hardest to secure a strong career and forge long-term relationships. And to top it off, we usually don’t have a large supply of cash readily available. Still, we dream.

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Quarterlife Crisis Ode and Frugality in Your Twenties

April 23, 2008

An Ode to the Quarter-Life Crisis.
A Caltech Student’s Ode

A quick little guide on how to be frugal in your twenties.
Remodeling This Life’s Financial Advice


April 22, 2008

Written By: Allison Whalen

What came first, the job or the crisis? With the exception of the very rich, the particularly lucky, or those Bobby Fisher brainiac anomalies, most of us quarter-lifers don’t have much to brag about in the way of job experience. We’ve all done our fair share of empty-headed labour, whether selling over-priced, ill-fitting, cotton garments, dunking frozen potatoes into a grease-spattering tub, or answering a front-desk phone in a peppy, little voice that secretly wants to stab every caller with a sharp pencil. These types of work (and so many more) can be neatly categorized as “McJobs”, a term coined by the godfather of the quarter-life crisis, author Douglas Coupland. In Generation X, his sizzlin’, pink novel that swept multiple nations in the early nineties, Coupland describes the “McJob” as a “…low-pay, low-prestige, low-dignity, low-benefit, no-future job in the service sector. Frequently considered a satisfying career choice by people who have never held one.” Sound familiar?

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Top 10 Embarrassing DVDs In Our Collection

April 21, 2008

10. Drumline: The “Rocky” of drumming movies.

9. Evita: If only Madonna sang through all her movies.

8. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective: The adolescent in me still thinks that a man pretending to “talk” through his rear is the funniest thing ever.

7. Lady In The Water: Not even a dead Bruce Willis could have resurrected this movie. [Read more]

WTF for Friday, April 18th 2008

April 18, 2008

  • Top 10 Awesome Nostalgic Foods We Want Back
    They beat us to the punch with this Top 10 list… touché.
    Nostalgic Foods
  • Are you a racist?
    Game based on sociological study at the University of Chicago, proves whether or not you’re a racist. [Read more]

Little, White Boxes

April 18, 2008

Little, white boxes rule my life. It’s an unfortunate side effect of living in the Internet age. You know the boxes: the ones that you have to fill out with a catchy title on a job site so that someone will read your resume; the ones that want you to fill in your idea of a perfect match so that the database can send you suitable significant others; the ones on your website where you are supposed to put an article that has pertinent information, is intelligent, and has a point…

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Top 10 Most Embarrassing Songs on Our iPods

April 14, 2008

10. “Milkshake” – Kelis: She says its about her, “Feminine Essence.” Yeah, and “Back that Ass Up” is about Woman’s Lib.

9. “Achy Breaky Heart” – Billy Ray Cyrus: The song that legitimized Country Line Dancing. For an hour.

8. “Freebird” – Lynard Skynard: The redneck answer to anything.

7. “Eternal Flame” – The Bangles: They can sing the phone book, and I’d still get aroused. [Read more]

WTF for Friday, April 8th 2008

April 11, 2008

  • From piss to plants
    What else can we say? [Read more]

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