Top Ten Signs That You’re Consuming Too Much Caffeine

June 29, 2008

10. When the new guy from accounting announces the coffee machine is broken, you threaten to slow-roast his ass, Folgers style!

9. You’ve stopped mixing Red Bull with Vodka and replaced it with Jolt Cola.

You are asked to leave a Starbuck’s after you show up with an IV and try to hook the cappuccino machine into your vein (innocu-latte anyone?).

7. You’re having the ‘jitters’ but they feel more like the ‘jitt-itt-itt-itt-itters-itt-itt-itters-ers- [Read more]

What Do You Do?

June 26, 2008

How do you answer the question “What do you do?” It’s a decidedly quarterlife question. Until your mid-20s, most people go on the assumption that you are a student (an annoying assumption for those of us who didn’t take the collegiate route), and thus the question need not be asked. But during your post-graduate age, whenever you go out to parties, or bars, or leave your apartment at all, the question inevitably gets asked, “What do you do?”

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Weekly Quarterlife Links

June 24, 2008

Top Ten Ways to Save Money on a Date

June 22, 2008

10. Two words: Jack in the Box

9. Mention to your date before dinner that you’re an equal rights advocate, making it easier to suggest that you split the check.

8. Dinner and a movie = Hot Pocket 4 Cheeser and a VHS bootleg copy of a Styx concert.

7. A walk in the park – $0, meeting the folks at a family BBQ – $0, falling asleep under the stars – $0; The Perfect Date = Priceless.  No seriously, PRICELESS. [Read more]

WTF for Friday, June 20th 2008

June 20, 2008

  • Measuring Sensibly
    Who knew 12 inches was 1.5 five month old fetuses end to end?
    Sensible Units
  • Song chart memes and pop culture finally explained in graph form!
    Ever wonder what pop music would look like in a pie chart? Me too!
    Graph Jam!

Quarter-life Crisis?

June 17, 2008

Guest Written by:  Lindsay Love

So I just turned 27, at least a quarter of my life is now behind me. The sun has set on my childhood, my formative years, and sadly, my opportunity to use youthful naivety as an excuse for my follies and shortcomings. Am I experiencing an existential dilemma? Am I staring wide-eyed at a crossroads in my life’s journey? Well… no, I don’t think so, but I will let you know for sure as soon as I find some time to think about it. Right now, I am too busy finishing my Bachelor’s degree, working full-time, and most importantly, raising a 5-year-old little girl.

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Top Ten Questions To Ask A Potential Roomate

June 15, 2008

10. What’s your take on “after hours” nudity?

9. When you tell your friends and other guests, “Mi casa es su casa,” do you mean it literally or figuratively?

8. Every Thursday night I have a Lord of the Rings Anonymous meeting. Would you be interested in joining…my precious? [Read more]

Zen Beer-ism

June 13, 2008

Sometimes inspiration comes when you least expect it. For example, last weekend I was at an Irish pub in upstate New York. The waitress had just brought an order of hot wings and another tall, frothy, cold beer. It was a dark amber ale with a good head and great body. Clear. Smooth. Rich. It was hypnotic, and I fell into its trance. The tiny bubbles floated to the top, each one like a little planet racing into outer space. Before long I was floating in the beer. I was swimming around the planets, giddy like a kid on Christmas morning. Okay, maybe I was a little drunk. But inspiration nonetheless struck, and my great realization came: beer is a metaphor for life.

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WTF for Friday, June 13th 2008

June 12, 2008

  • Where’s Chef Boyardee When You Need him?
    Not sure what to make for dinner? Let this website help you. Of course, you may end up with apple tuna casserole. [Read more]

Weekly Quarterlife Links

June 11, 2008

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