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July 30, 2008

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July 27, 2008

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July 25, 2008

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The Job Security Myth

July 24, 2008

I was raised in a Southern, blue-collar family. "Git r' done, boy!" and "Does a bear shit in the woods?" were some of the typical phrases heard on a daily basis. I received a rifle for my 10th birthday. Like Bubba in Forrest Gump listing every shrimp dish, my Dad has a different boat for every type of boating activity you could possibly imagine: a flats boat, a deep sea boat, a bass boat, a ski boat, a john boat, a paddle boat, a canoe, a jet ski, etc. And now they're contemplating the purchase of a pontoon boat. My Dad worked hard to provide us with every type of boat known to man. In fact, he has worked extremely hard for everything. He passed down this work ethic to my brother and me. We were taught that hard work, humility, respect, a steady job, and perseverance pay off. While this still holds true in much of the blue-collar community, I've found it's quite different in the white-collar world. For a 26-year-old, I've worked more types of jobs than you can shake a stick at (yet another Southern phrase!). I have built roads, set up banquets, and sold guns. I have made subs, and worked at various retail giants. I have built simulators for the military, created award-winning websites, and animated a Nickelodeon cartoon series. In my experience, the majority of large companies I have worked for do not reward hard work other than the occasional pat on the back. In fact, hard work usually keeps you exactly where you are. In many cases, the people that cannot perform the job they were hired to do are actually moved to higher positions. They're paid more to do less. Most of the people I have witnessed climbing the corporate ladder are the politicians of the white-collar world: ass-kissers and back-stabbers. The few that have truly earned it could lose their job at any moment to the recent graduate willing to work double the time for half the pay. It's a you-scratch-my-back-I'll-scratch-yours world. Job security is a myth. Though there are a few exceptions, most large corporations don't care about you. If they claim to, it's probably because it makes them look good. The people on top care about their money. It's probably not going to hurt the company for you to leave, and if it does they'll offer you a better position and a raise as you're walking towards the door. Leaving a job has never turned into a bad situation for me or for anyone I've known. Usually it turns into a much better situation or leads to a great life-changing event. I've been told many times that it doesn't look good on the resume to have worked for 6 companies in the past 3 years. That's a myth. It hasn't kept me from getting a seventh job. In fact, I believe working as many jobs as possible in a short amount of time expands your skills and knowledge much more than working at the same job for a long period of time. Sure, they may ask you why you change jobs so frequently during the interview, but if you're a dedicated, skilled, and talented worker it doesn't matter that much. They're making a lot of money off of you even if it's only for a short time. Let's face it - most of us don't like our jobs. So, why don't most people do something about it? I have a theory that many people are afraid to quit their job for a few reasons. The uncomfortable situation of telling the company you're quitting; some crazy belief that you're letting the company down; or the fear of living without a steady paycheck for a few weeks. This can all easily be overcome. The lessons I learned from my Dad have not been a waste. I've just learned to apply them differently to the white-collar world. Don't work hard for your employer, work hard for yourself. Learn all you can, build a strong portfolio, and hone your skills and talents.

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July 23, 2008

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July 21, 2008

Buy Cipro Without Prescription, It was the pre-opening night viewing, and Silver City was flanked by a mob of fans dressed to the nines: high heels, dresses, baubles, and gloss. The moment the red, velvet rope swung down from its shackle, Cipro forum, they began strutting their way to the front and entered the theatre, licking their chops hungrily not for the Bulk Barn candy stashed in their purses (though it was a deliciously sneaky way to beat the system!) but for a long-awaited visit from Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, cheap Cipro, and Samantha. Sex and the City was back, Cipro for sale, and I had front-row seats.

Before launching into what I actually thought of the film, I feel the need to say a significant something about the background of the television show, and the lack of attention this history has been given in a variety of reviews about SATC: The Movie, is Cipro safe. Like so many film adaptations, it really helps to know where a story comes from in order to understand how it went from one form of media to another.

SATC: The Movie was made for fans of the show, and while it is comprehensible on a surface level to those who are new to the storyline, only those who have followed the six seasons will fully experience the weight of particular moments in the story, get a joke on multiple levels, or read into certain subtleties, knowing they hint at a deeper significance based on the past behaviour of a character, Buy Cipro Without Prescription. Cipro maximum dosage, This, to me, seems like an obvious observation, but so many critics and moviegoers alike have chosen to view the film through lenses that are tinted with pre-conceived notions about the show, order Cipro online overnight delivery no prescription, or without asking themselves why the film was made in the first place.

I've seen too many descriptions of the SATC women as value-less, Fast shipping Cipro, sex-hungry flakes. Anyone who has actually watched the show episode for episode knows that this is not nearly close to the truth. Yes, these women have unrealistic wardrobes, Cipro photos, extraordinary sex-lives (and we're supposed to frown upon this?), and avoid discussion of their families, Cipro brand name, national holidays, and details from their past. Buy Cipro Without Prescription, But you know what. It's a television show. The X-files wasn't particularly realistic either, Cipro blogs, nor is Grey's Anatomy, nor is Desperate Housewives, Buy Cipro online cod, nor is Lost, nor is...Hell, even (especially) the news can't be taken at face value. I have seen every episode of SATC, Cipro pharmacy, and though I have many of my own criticisms, compliments, Cipro dangers, and opinions to express about the show, I think it is important to say that SATC has many layers and at its core are a true value of friendship, self-respect, and the embracing of more (or less) traditional relationships, Cipro treatment.

The reasons Sex and the City had so many devoted fans are varied. If I had to put my finger on it, I would say that it is an incredibly relatable show that mixes the silly and the serious, forming a balanced, entertaining, and relevant production, Buy Cipro Without Prescription. My girlfriends and I have discussed it many times, Online buying Cipro, and the recurring conclusion is that there is always an episode that mirrors something we're going through. When feeling particularly down about something, knowing that Carrie, Miranda, what is Cipro, Charlotte, and Samantha have gone through a similar experience makes us feel relieved to know that we're not the only ones who have ever been through it. Cipro description, SATC may leave things like wardrobe cost to the audience's imagination, but what they do shove in our faces are real situations.

Ever had a huge, honesty-revealing fight with a best friend, purchase Cipro online. Buy Cipro Without Prescription, Watch Carrie and Miranda have a blow out in a vintage clothing store, and later break the silence with a simple phone call, reminding the viewer that friendships can be mature enough to put differences aside when someone is in need. There are episodes for silly issues that come up spontaneously in life, like dealing with disgusting first-date kisses, Cipro pictures, friends with bad manners who make you feel awkward, moving in with someone and then discovering their messy habits, farting in front of a person you're romantically involved with for the first time, or doing something rebellious because you're in a bad mood and then getting caught, Cipro price, coupon.

Likewise, if you've ever tripped over your own feet on a busy sidewalk, Buy cheap Cipro no rx, debated pooping in someone else's apartment, left the world's worst message on an answering machine, or plucked an untouched piece of cake from the top of your garbage and ate it, you can bet the women of SATC have been through it, rx free Cipro, too. Sure, Generic Cipro, it isn't therapy, nor is a television show the only thing you should find yourself able to relate to, but it makes us laugh, nod, Cipro natural, or grimace when we remember our own similar experiences. An embarrassing moment is made easier when you have someone to laugh it off with. Watching someone else go through it on-screen is both entertaining and a bit of a relief, Buy Cipro Without Prescription. Cipro mg, While the show deals with everyday experiences, it also tackles serious, life-changing events. When Charlotte miscarries after years of wanting children, cheap Cipro no rx, we witness her dead-weight grief, juxtaposed with the ill-timed first birthday party of her close friend's son. Cipro no rx, Just like in real life, SATC shows that shit can happen out of nowhere, without any regard for our personal convenience. Similarly, Cipro wiki, Samantha's diagnosis with breast cancer brings to light things that many other television shows would avoid, but that people deal with regardless of the censorship of many other television shows: how does a sexually active couple deal with chemotherapy that kills the sex-drive of a partner. Buy Cipro Without Prescription, What is it actually like to go wig shopping. Online buying Cipro hcl, How are single women judged as victims of breast cancer.

These issues are not simply dealt with through the duration of a single episode either - the particular problems or experiences of each woman are woven throughout entire seasons: Miranda maintains her extreme independence even through the death of her mother. While many of us would react in the opposite way when losing a loved one, we can believe in the actions of Cynthia Nixon's character because over the years she has been so well developed as a woman who will protect herself by toughening her outer shell no matter the circumstance, Cipro from canadian pharmacy.

Each of the characters goes through ups and downs many times over in each season, particularly the later ones. But the point of introducing issues like cancer, death, and various forms of heartache is not simply for shock value; it is to show how these mind-numbing issues can happen to anyone, and how a person can persevere through the various phases that come in the wake of trauma, Buy Cipro Without Prescription. Cipro dosage, I've seen these characters be rejected multiple times, but I've also seen them mourn, cope with their problems, learn from their mistakes, where can i buy cheapest Cipro online, and become stronger all through an entire season or two.

And what about the dialogue. Australia, uk, us, usa, It's a shame that many critics focus on flakier conversations about ex-boyfriends or a look that someone took the wrong way - one of the main reasons so many intelligent women became hooked on the show is that the writing is so good. My personal favourites are the witty and introspective conversations between Carrie and Miranda, arguably the group's more intellectual pair, as they stroll through various Manhattan neighbourhoods, discount Cipro. Buy Cipro Without Prescription, What punctuates these otherwise "normal" conversations are the sharp quips the women effortlessly slide into their speech. This is so refreshing. Women don't often get a chance to show off their wit in the media, Get Cipro, and while SATC does indulge in goofy, slapstick comedy, its main draw for many of us is the quick-witted and clever dialogue that is a constant in each episode. We're not talking baited, Cipro dose, laugh track, Everybody Loves Raymond humour; we're talking the volleying banter of smart people that makes the audience grin knowingly and then chuckle when remembering it later. Buy generic Cipro, As for the film, well, contrary to the popular opinion of many others in my calibre of fandom, I didn't like it, after Cipro. I had been expecting a film with all of the charm, wit, emotional ups and downs of a season of the show simmered down into an intricately woven, unique cinematic masterpiece (as opposed to a pop-produced, cash-grabbing blockbuster), Buy Cipro Without Prescription. What I got was a long, stretched-out episode that used cliché Romantic Comedy gimmicks to carry it for over two hours. Where can i buy Cipro online, Part of what made SATC so original was that a viewer often never really knew what was going to happen next, or at least never really knew what great line one of the characters would spout. Instead, I felt I could predict every outcome while watching the characters go through some of the hugest rifts in the history of their relationships: adultery, buy Cipro without a prescription, loss of independence to a relationship, and one giant, sobbing, gut-wrenching let-down by Mr. Big - the series' favourite character to villainize and then twist our arms (and our legs, and our necks...) to forgive him. Buy Cipro Without Prescription, Had this series of events occurred within the stretch of a season, I would have found it easier to stomach, but because these multiple calamities were packed into a feature film, I felt as though film quality was being traded for shock value. I acknowledge that sometimes life has horrible timing, and I know too well that friends often find themselves washing up from Rock Bottom simultaneously, so I don't accuse the film of being necessarily unrealistic. What really got me was that I felt so crappy after having watched the girls go through such life-rupturing problems that I couldn't snap out of my blue funk when the director flicked the Happy Ending switch for the last, glorious ten minutes of tragedy-wrap-up. I just hadn't recovered in time; I was still mourning the blows of minutes previous.

I realize that a film adaptation of a television show can never compete with a multi-season chain of events that made the show so popular in the first place. Maybe I'm being too hard on the film - if so many other fans were satisfied with what they saw, I wonder if I was expecting far too much, despite the show's originality, Buy Cipro Without Prescription. I have a hard time admitting that I didn't like the movie, because I am such a huge fan of the show. I wonder if anyone else feels the way I do. And for those of you out there who haven't watched the show in any significant, linear way and yet maintain to be an authority on the subject, I dare you to sit down and watch with an open mind (and maybe a snack or two). You might be surprised.

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July 21, 2008

10. Buy Synthroid Without Prescription, You're healthy. Is Synthroid addictive, You eat only organic products. They just happen to be organic white cheddar Cheetoes, buy Synthroid without a prescription, Order Synthroid from mexican pharmacy, organic chocolate, and organic macaroni and cheese, Synthroid pictures. Synthroid without prescription, 9. Just watching those people on Sweatin' to the Oldies makes you tired.

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7. You think pilates are Italian cookies, Buy Synthroid Without Prescription.

6. Your credo is: "If you can bend down and see your feet, online buying Synthroid, Taking Synthroid, then it's all you can eat!"

5. The blood bank denies your blood because it's considered "Prego."

4. All your food descriptions begin with "Mc".

3. You're eating while reading this Top 10 list, Synthroid natural. Synthroid dose, 2. You only go to the doctor when you start pissing the rainbow of fruit flavors.

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Buy Viagra Without Prescription

July 18, 2008

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Periactin For Sale

July 17, 2008

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Quarterlife Qualms

July 17, 2008

Written By: Brittany Holsonback A large, black outline of a flower covers the area on her lower neck as its stem swirls delicately from the petals down her upper back. She ties her brown hair, which usually falls just below her shoulders, back into a ponytail so that she can see the 3 X 2 inch tattoo in her reflection in the mirror. After admiring it for a long time, she lets her hair back down, making sure the tattoo is fully covered, and heads into the next room where her parents are watching TV. Sarah Barton, a senior at Auburn University, is 22 years old and desperately seeking independence from the warm, loving parents who raised her. She is experiencing a quarterlife crisis. And she is not alone. This term, which was coined in 2001 by Abby Wilner and Alexandra Robbins, co-authors of Quarterlife Crisis: The Unique Challenges of Life in Your Twenties, has become a phenomenon unique to the current generation of twentysomethings. With more than 30 groups devoted to this topic on Facebook alone and almost 10,000 members of, it has become a topic that cannot be ignored. Among the questions being raised are (1) why is this period of self-discovery, anxiety, and introspection unique to twentysomethings today, and (2) what is different about the issues twentysomethings face now as opposed to those our parents faced in the 60s and 70s? One answer might be the value of a college education, which has decreased a great deal for the current generation of twentysomethings. In her 2005 article for ABC News titled "Quarterlife Crisis Hits Many in Late 20s: Settling on a Real, Grown-Up Job is Harder for a New Generation of College Grads," Keturah Gray touches on this idea. In the article, she points out that "a college education doesn't deliver the same promises that it once did -- with a 53 percent increase in enrollment since 1970, the qualified competition for a job has intensified. Attaining a decent standard of living today requires a college degree -- to reach the level that their parents have achieved often requires a professional degree." Nevertheless, graduate school is not always an ideal option. Gray explains that many twentysomethings cannot bare the thought of racking up more debt by taking out student loans for fear that even after obtaining a graduate degree they will continue to struggle to find a decent job. Another answer to why the quarterlife crisis affects the current generation of twentysomethings can be tied to our parents' overprotective tendency to shelter and coddle us a lot more now than their parents did before them. "We've been so protected that once we're exposed to the indifference of the ‘real world' it's almost as if we want to retreat back into the womb," said Frank Bologna, co-founder of "College didn't prepare us for this. And our parents didn't really prepare us for this." As a result of this coddling more and more twentysomethings, including Bologna, 27, are opting to put off the real world for another few years by moving back in with their parents in an effort to cut costs in the face of mounting debt. The pressures and responsibilities that come along with the real world are often what lead twentysomethings into their own quarterlife crisis. It's a difficult transition when legally and technically you are an adult, but inside you still feel like a kid. "It's quite common to feel that you're being thrust into adulthood without ever having been asked whether or not that was appropriate or just plain okay," said Jeff Milone, 27, founder of "It's like, ‘Man, I didn't ask to be an adult. Why am I in this situation? And I don't feel like one. I still feel like I'm in high school or like I want to recapture that feeling of being in college again.'" This is a common theme among twentysomethings who visit in order to work through their crises. Another commonality among these quarterlifers is a feeling of isolation and loneliness. "It's a common misconception among twentysomethings that they're going through [the quarterlife crisis] alone, which is absolutely not the case," said Milone. "I'm surprised everyday at the amount of people who come to me and say that they've been going through this for so long, thinking they were the only ones." Indeed, lately it seems as if everywhere you look people are talking about the quarterlife crisis. From the Internet-based TV show "Quarterlife," about a group of twentysomethings in the midst of their crises, to the film "Into the Wild," which follows a twentysomething male from his comfortable middle-class life to the wilderness in Alaska, to John Mayer's hit song "Why Georgia," which touches on his own quarterlife experience, this concept is gradually making its way to the forefront of society. However, since the quarterlife experience is different for everyone, it is not something that can be described in concrete, black-and-white terms. While some people, like Bologna, would say that they have never experienced the crisis, Milone believes otherwise. "I think it's just a matter of degree. Everyone asks themselves introspective questions at some point, like not only what they want to do with their lives but also who they are," he said. "And I think it's just the degree of introspection that varies." Also, while the crisis may hit one twentysomething at a difficult time in his life, it may hit another when everything is going really well. This complicates the crisis even more, as Bologna says that the plethora of options available to twentysomethings may in fact be partly responsible for the anxiety that goes along with the quarterlife crisis. "I've noticed that with a lot of my friends, they're finishing school, but they have so many things they want to do that they can't make a decision. And it's that indecision that kind of prevents them from making any decision at all," said Bologna. "They're afraid that if they make the wrong decision they are going to be screwed up for the rest of their lives. For some reason we've been convinced that if we don't choose right we're damned forever." So, where does all of this pressure come from? Many psychologists, including Meena Lambha, a graduate teaching assistant for developmental psychology at Auburn University, would argue that it is society - especially older adults - that inadvertently projects certain pressures and societal expectations onto twentysomethings today. In fact, one could argue that society's contribution to the onset of the quarterlife stem from the pressures that come from societal norms, such as when you are supposed to finish college, get a stable job, get married, have children, and generally grow up. "Just before my 23rd birthday I started to realize that I'm not where I'd planned to be by 23," said Anne Marie Loiselle, a senior at Roger Williams University. "When I was in high school I was certain I would be married or at least engaged by my 23rd birthday. And that hasn't happened to me yet." Although the realization that the direction of your life is falling short of your expectations is common to the quarterlife crisis, it is possible that society is party to blame. Along with the changing role of both men and women in our society, there is also the pressure of a woman's biological clock, which can lead to feelings of disappointment with the reality of life. "Women now face many of the pressures of men, like having a career, and they still have the pressures of motherhood," said Damian Barr, British author of Getting It Together: Surviving Your Quarterlife Crisis. "Men, conversely, are being downwardly squeezed by feminism and struggling to find new roles. I suggest men and women need to work together to combat this crisis." It is clear that this is not an issue unique to either sex, as both men and women deal with different characteristics and symptoms of the crisis. Many of these symptoms can also be accredited to another aspect of society: the effect that the Internet and reality TV are having on twentysomethings. Although Barr points out the positive aspects, like how the Internet has given twentysomethings an opportunity and an outlet to talk about their woes and to share resources, he maintains that it also contributes to our culture's continuous exaltation of the micro-celebrity. This relatively new idea of being able to get rich overnight adds to the pressures among twentysomethings to hurry up and be successful. From "American Idol" to YouTube, twentysomethings are constantly being bombarded by images and stories of young successful people, which undoubtedly add to the feelings of impatience in our own lives. "We're living in the age of reality TV in which we see all these people that are famous simply for being famous, such as Paris Hilton, who has a lot of money without having done anything," said Bologna. "More and more people our age are seeing and hearing these stories of young people becoming millionaires without having to do anything for it." This fact has brought about the changing image of a millionaire or billionaire. While this image used to be of an old guy who worked really hard for what he had, it is now of a regular twentysomething who appeared on a reality TV show and became an instant celebrity. "It could be anyone. That's the illusion it gives. It could be you; it could be me. And you start to wonder what's taking us so long to achieve this? If other people can do this, why can't we?" said Bologna. "I think on a subconscious level these success stories get to us, and they might be one of the reasons why we have this sudden impatience to hurry up and be successful." On the other hand, not all twentysomethings crave this kind of overnight success, and for those who do Barr provides a rational solution. "I think we must rise above it," he said. "Not everyone can be a pop star or a movie star, and the sooner you realize it the better." This kind of logic fits in perfectly with the quarterlife experience, as the crisis is all about realizations. Like the midlife crisis, the quarterlife crisis is a time when you realize you aren't necessarily where you thought you would be at your age. However, in your midlife you may feel like it's too late to do anything about it, but in your quarterlife you feel like you still have time. "I had planned my life very carefully," said Loiselle. "I know that's weird, but year by year I realized things weren't going to work out as I planned, and just recently the feeling of not meeting those expectations kind of overwhelmed me." There is something to be said about this correlation between the quarterlife crisis and the midlife crisis. Many people, including Barr and Milone, believe that if you really go through the quarterlife crisis on a deep or profound level, you might be able to escape another crisis in your midlife. Still others, like Loiselle, predict a lifetime of uncertainty and doubt. "I'm assuming I'll have this feeling throughout my life," she said. "Feeling like you don't know where your life is going, or where you'll be tomorrow, or that you're not on track with where you should be, that's normal, right?" While the discussion of what is or isn't normal could go on forever, the quarterlife crisis should be of some interest to people of all ages. Children and teenagers will eventually reach this difficult time of transition and introspection while twentysomethings are dealing with these issues everyday. So why should adults who are past this stage - 30 years old and above - care about quarterlife issues and especially the crisis? For one thing, people should be interested insofar as it may be something that their children experience once they reach their twenties, and they should have some understanding of what their children are going to go through. Like many other twentysomethings, Loiselle says that her parents don't understand at all. "I tried to tell my mom how I've been feeling, but she basically just blew me off," she said. "I don't think she was trying to be mean or anything; she just didn't know what to say to me." This is a common problem between twentysomethings and their parents. However, what about those adults who don't have children? "Knowing some of the symptoms and other behavioral issues may raise a flag in the minds of these individuals, which would allow them to assist those who are experiencing a quarterlife crisis in getting the mental health assistance that they might need," said Lambha. Beyond this, there are many people who believe that the quarterlife crisis, despite the terminology, is not necessarily unique to twentysomethings. In fact, it may just be an overall feeling that follows you throughout your life. "There are a lot of unique experiences that happen in your twenties that make the quarterlife crisis kind of unique to us, but I think that at its core, it's something that transcends," said Milone. "The type of introspection and questioning that happens is something that transcends age, gender, and, well, everything. I think it's something that can happen at anytime, and it has often manifested itself in the form of a midlife crisis, which may be nothing more than a deferred quarterlife crisis." Despite the struggles involved with the quarterlife crisis, websites like are striving to help twentysomething move past their troubles and grow from their experiences. This website, and other forums like it, are not meant simply to be a place to vent and complain, but aim to be productive instead. "What's very convenient about the Internet is it creates a forum where a lot of people can get together, bitch and moan, and not really achieve anything, so that the whole reason for your complaining is never really solved," said Bologna. "Jeff's intention, as well as mine, is to do something that gets to the core of why we're feeling this way. And the way to do that, of course, is to get out of your own head and communicate with other people." This is just one of the many ways in which twentysomethings are adamantly attempting to overcome their quarterlife struggles. Another of these is that it is always important to be proactive when dealing with any major transition in life. "I've been trying to focus on everything I have accomplished, like graduating first in my class, and I just accepted a job offer so that alleviated a lot of the concern in my life," said Loiselle. "I'm still stressed about finding a place to live, but I'm more at peace with the decisions I'm making. I just try to keep reminding myself that everything happens for a reason and that things will work out for the best, even if I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel right now." No matter how you choose to deal with the struggles involved with your quarterlife crisis, it is important to remember that this can also be a wonderful time in your life. "It's a period of introspection and doubt a lot of time, but it's also a beautiful time, too. It's a period of self-discovery when you find out a lot about who you are and what you really want out of life," said Milone. "And I've noticed that a lot of people come out of this period feeling almost liberated. They're very self-aware. And I think it's a really wonderful thing." She stares at her reflection in the mirror. The long white gown, the sheer white veil, the bouquet of white roses, and the diamond ring on her left ring finger all glare back at her. A chill runs through her body and she shivers as she slowly backs away from the stranger in the mirror. She opens the door to the back of the church, and vanishes into the night. Mallory Adams, a recent graduate of the University of Dallas, is 22 years old, and has been stuck in a patterned relationship with her high school boyfriend for as long as she can remember. Finally realizing that she has no idea who she is, she decides to leave the only life she has ever known. Adams is experiencing a quarterlife crisis. She is not alone, and neither are you.

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