Job Advice? Net versus Reality. Who ya got?

July 22, 2010

All too often in these days of utter economic gloom, the college degree
meaningless and the corner “spare some change man?” guy’s job looking
better and better…we get a lot of quick, cheesy short lists from so called
career experts. Sites like Yahoo finance, AP news, Forbes, etc. Here are
some titles you have probably enjoyed: Top Ten Careers Not Downsizing.
Cities Weathering the Recession. $100k Jobs without a College Degree. All
promise employment bliss, if you can just quit your current 20-something
life, move and erase everything you ever did and start again. Not exactly
a Quarter Life option.

Not gonna happen, not likely and not reality.

Then again…

So, I thought to put together a cliche top ten list of careers that are
totally, utterly going to need big time numbers, pay well and not laying
off for the next 50 years.

Tattoo Removal Surgery Tech – Lots of people are going to need, “I love La
Cretia” removed when they marry “Michelle” and Michelle will need her
tramp stamp removed so she can get the wedding dress she always
wanted. And hubby will need to get that promotion, so the little “I
pretended I was a gangsta” tattoo he got at Boulder Community College
will need to come off. And the Black and Decker sand-belter is just not
going to be covered by Obama health care.

Techie – Some of these magical nerds are your company computer guys with
Cheetos stained fingers and lord over you as if his World of Warcraft
fantasy extended over the whole office floor. Others are big time main
framers who decide the fates of billions of dollars and many smaller
developing nations. Ergo, you will always have a job, because idiots like
me only understand control-alt-delete.

Manga Cartoonist – Hey it‘s not just a Japanese marketing gizmo. This
pseudo porn artwork and the male fetish for school girl panty heroines
makes this a solid bet if you have a penchant for the Quarter Life

Holodeck Programmer – They do not exist yet. But when they do…wham! You
thought porn, the X-Files and South Park drove the internet in the 90’s!
The 2000’s were about Facebook and YouTube? The 21st tweens are all
holograms baby! Of course you will be one of the many causes for the fall
of humanity, but so has any person who ever blogged.

Artificial Food Additive Taster – Despite the organic, green, eco-fad,
people found out that the real taste of strawberry is not the wow factor
one gets from an ultra X-treme Flava Crystal Jolly Rancher with edible
habanera, cilantro mango chutney wrapper. Dow Industries is back in the
driver’s seat again, coming up with simple cancer causing formulas to help
deal with the reality that nature is just not that good tasting. Your QL
demographic taste buds are just what’s needed in this once again thriving

Sanitation Engineer – Not sure if I like the PC term for that. ¼ Lifers are
trash makers. Sure they recycle, but someone still has to pick and sort
that crap. The stuff keeps coming, is piling up and you can be there to
get it done. Did you know that a waste disposal expert…garbage man, in NYC
gets paid $70k per year? Think about that the next time you throw the
Dasani bottle in the recycle bin.

Marketing Chicks – Not just the realm of girls with speech communications
degrees anymore. But, with the influx of males with useless degrees there
was a glut in the market of warm bodies taking up cubicle room playing
solitaire, texting and IMing each other the latest OMG gossip or Fantasy
Football stats. Since companies cut way back on these drones in
2007-9, they now need them back. And it turns out that the ladies are
much better at these Power Point presenting, PR decision, meeting making,
lunch attending jobs than males. So dust off those Anne Taylor pant suits
ladies…ya’ll are back!

Soldiers – You’ve seen the world today. Ya think this time honored
profession is going away anytime soon? After the oldest profession in the
world, prostitution, this one is next and probably provides a sizable
portion of the income/market share of the former. And yes, for the ¼
dudes out there. You should have already signed up for Selective
Service…it’s the law. But, the draft scare for a quarter lifer draft ends
at 28. Ladies…knock yourselves out. Be All You Can Be, Army of One, The
Few, The Proud, AccelerateYour Life…visit new places, meet new people and
then kill them. Plus the medical and dental…three square a day is a lot
better than lots of places.

Internet List Maker – Duh.

Guest Star Appearance on the Simpsons – Of course for this one, you have
to become a flash in the pan star or have so much camp value like Betty
White. So this is sort of a long term project, but I think it is good to
have big goals. And we know the Simpsons are not going away, no matter how
long it stays in the rut of stale, boring and not funny.

There ya have it. Money, career satisfaction and job security can be all
yours. No go get out of your pajamas and make it happen!

We’re not going anywhere

July 22, 2010

We’ve fielded a lot of questions (some from our own staff) about us shutting down the site. It makes me realize that we are not a generation of people who pay attention to details. Our previous post concerning the shutdown of our friends over at Quarterlife does not mean that we, here at Quarterlives are going anywhere. We believe in the message and experience of the 20somethings out there that we would never let a little thing like site hosting stop us. We’re here to stay.

In fact, we’re looking for contributors! If you’ve got something to say, let us know! We’re happy to post your writing, poetry, artwork, or any other way you express yourself. So quit calling me staff asking if you’re off the hook for that article I asked for. Go write something about your life and let others know you are going to be heard!

Infomercial Quarter Life Sex Tips!

July 16, 2010

I was up late one night and surfing television channels. I had no Netflix, the DVR was on the rag, the Red Box was empty and I was just so Facebooked out with the web. Ergo, I was bored. Well, I came across a late night home shopping channel. This particular infomercial segment was putting the wares up for sale with the usual call-ins, hand models, “if you call in the next fifteen minutes…” monologues, etc.

Only thing different was the items ranging from $9.99 to a whopper of $149.99 (you’ll get the whopper comment in a second)…were the full range of sex toys. Dildos, vibros, gels, condoms, butt plugs with enema pump included…oh my! And my favorite was the silver bullet. You insert it into some orifice and then whenever your boy or girlfriend cell calls said bullet…it goes off with a surprise vibration. I am not sure what Twittering it would do.

Now this was a classy show. Nothing pervy. I did not feel like I was going to get an extra line item on my pay per view cable bill or that I needed to wash my eyeballs or hands. What did make it a little creepy was the seemingly open, lack of any hint of embarrassment or recognition that their products…

“Oh yes Cathy. Now this particular piece is made our of imported Venetian glass and has those all important ball bearings for stimulation. And it is 100% dishwasher safe.”

I think that sums it up. So I got to thinking. Quarterlifers grew up around the Reagan 80’s of “Just say no” to the 90’s Nike “Just do it!” Now it is a free for all sexual wise, nothing is too taboo, nothing off limits, nothing you cannot blog, blab, view, catch, download, etc. But, no matter the times, the generation or the subject matter, some rules always apply. Especially with 1/4 lifer sexuality.

Here is what I got out of the television hosts, their items for sale, overall show, and how it relates to our Gen Y sexual lives.

1. First, they said it right off the bat. Make sure what ever you do can be washed off. Physically that is. Think antibacterial. But, some emotional stains can be harder to scrub out. Like when Greg used you as a starter girl at prom.

2. On the same point, always be dishwasher safe when it comes to sex. The safe sex laws still should be enforced. No glove equals no love…and if you are thinking long term relationship, everyone needs to put on their big girl and boy panties and get some blood tests.

3. Two for one is not always a bargain. Unless you are into that sort of thing.

4. It can be fun to shop around, but do not always impulse buy. I ended up getting a 3-pack Magic Wand kit with edible body crayons. Not sure why I thought this would make a good Christmas gift. Same thing applies sexually. What sounds like a good idea at the bar, in the back of the Celica, later in the apartment Jacuzzi, your balcony, roommates bed…is not the winning buyer’s dream you thought 12 tequila shots in.

5. Be careful what 1/4 life company you keep. Like the call-in buyers, partners in the boudoir who only come alive at 3:00 AM are alcoholics, unemployable or vampires.

6. Home, web, 1-8/900 shopping is a lot like surfing the internet for porn or just living a relationship through your Farmville. Get out…get a life…and get some. Healthy-wise that is.

7. Shop-a-holics are addicts. There is an emotional high that comes with purchasing items. Sure there are addictions for just about everything including sex, co-dependency, emotional bi-polar dramas, fears of commitment or abandonment. Don’t let any of those monkeys on your back.

8. Everything has a limit. Your credit card and your emotional life. Beware of shopper’s remorse in all phases of your quarter life.

9. There was this one item that had more special components, bells & whistles than a luxury German import sports car. I think it was actually manufactured by a division of Porsche. Anyhows. It came with vibro beads, 10-speed setting with turbo boost, had a heating element, was rechargeable and included a three prong attachment for multiple orifices. It lit up in four “hypno” colors as well. And the “hypno” was actually trademarked. Best of all was the sales ladies were harping on the fact the device did not use batteries. “Better for the environment, eco-friendly Cathy.” Okay…long story short. Life is complicated, sex is pretty simple when it comes down to it, relationships are both. The less add-ons the better.

10. Classic advice: There is a sucker born every minute. Can we say double entendre for shopping and sexual bargains.

Sign of the times?

July 11, 2010

When we first started this site, there were few others that even knew what a quarterlife crisis was. One group that did was the team over at The site there was built around the tragically unpopular webseries created by the My So-Called life team. In the early days, we even recorded a couple of podcasts discussing the series. However unpopular the series was, the website there was created as an outlet for creativity. People could blog, post videos, and collaborate creatively with other 20somethings to explore what was unique about being a quarterlifer.

Sadly, the experiment is coming to an end. Today, Quarterlife is shutting down. From the site:

With great sadness, we must report that the three-year quarterlife
experiment is coming to an end. Our current host, Ning,
is raising costs, and it will be impossible for us to keep the site
open. Our deepest thanks to all those who have been a part of this
wonderful community. Please take the next 2 weeks to exchange contact
information with your peers and collect your work from the site.

Members can still connect via Facebook and we welcome contributions here.

Grinding My Quarter Life Gears V

July 11, 2010

And no that is not a title of a porn. Though it would be a good one. I remember this one time when I was a senior in high school. I was in charge of procuring a dirty flick for a friend’s send off party before he shipped out to boot camp for West Point. Well, I was a pretty innocent fellow, but I was sharp enough to know Blockbuster was not going to be able to handle the request. So I headed off to the more neighborhood friendly video store.

Well, I thought it was just a small mom and pop shop that stayed open late and with ample parking in the back of the store. Needless to say, I was shocked…appalled…a little impressed and way over my head. I panicked and quickly picked out a movie. But, I also remember how my brain went through the process.

“Okay…lots of weird covers on the VHS’s. Ummm. Okay that looks like it would be uncomfortable for her. This one has way too many guys with mustaches. Hey. This one is a sequel. That must mean the first four should have been pretty good!”

Needless to say, Cupcake Crammers V was not what I thought it would be. And needless to say, my friends have speculated on my sexuality ever since.

Long story short…too late, I know. Here is part five in my never ending series of quarter life gear grindings…

Like cats, they just piss me off.

Double Pitts to Chesty…
All those dude deodorants created by Maxim magazine and Spike television. False advertising. No chick, no where ever got off on a guy’s hairy pit odor. And if I have to obey the QL man-grooming of said pits and chest, I expect results.

Local News
Local on the 1’s. Weather on the 8’s. Fire and brimstone at a neighborhood apartment complex on the 5’s. Crap! What would they report for not the standard playground incident, murder in the 5th ward, local sports crap I already got off the web? The weather. Yep, the weather is the only thing they could air. That is why it is last in the broadcast. Cuz…your grandfather cannot work the Web.

¼ Lifers
Man, we are a whiny entitled bunch aren’t we?

We grew up with them. We looked through many a couch searching for them. Hell, I got grounded for dropping the cable remote into a full glass of milk. Later on in college I dropped one into an Igloo of Sex on the Beach punch. And just recently I spilled a Red Bull on my nieces’ Wii controllers. Cannot we ¼ lifers in 2010 develop something to solve this problem? Why not turn our cell phones into remotes? And even if we lose them we can call ourselves and feel the vibration mode go off in the futon cushions? Billy Gates…Steve Jobs…your move?

The Fly on any Men’s Underwear
Why? Like I am going to go digging between awkward folds of cloth to grab my meat and two veg. Every dude, just pulls down the elastic and takes care of business. The Quarter Lifer’s in Europe don’t have to put up with this in their undergarments. American QL’s should demand more of their Fruits of the Loom.

Nickels and Dimes
I like pennies and quarters. Seriously? What can you buy for five and dime? Pennies give you good luck. A couple of quarters buys ya a bean burrito, a parking space or a toll. And as a QL, I never have cash anyways. And that is also why my debit and charge cards need to be replaced every six months from swiping.

Mother Nature
Make up your mind you crazy bitch. Winter from Hell. Earthquakes. Rhode Island became an actual island. Icelandic volcanoes. Yes! I know the generations before me pillaged ya. But, we are better in Gen Y.

I spend way too much time in front of the tube. QL’s have better things to do with their lives.

Best Buy
We in the Millenials+ have had this as the mainstay of all electronics shopping. One stop shop. That blue and eye burning yellow. I hate that place. Those uber nerds working for their commissions. It’s like I am the good looking chick at a bar being hit on by the last call for alcohol leftover dudes. Now I know what feels like when doves cry.

Sum up? Yep, I am taking a re-gander at what I have put up here. Lots of talk about sex, money and toys. Some things do not change no matter what generation you are in.

Los Grinding of Mis Gearos Veinticinco Anos Cuatro: Grinding of the Quarter Life Gears IV

July 6, 2010

Okay, I am a lost cause. Even Rosetta Stone language software cannot help me learn Spanish. I took two years of it in high school. I was born and raised in Texas. I attended four semesters of Spanish in college. I use the word attend loosely. I mean I was there sometimes, but mucho cervezas muy make my cabeza hurt.

Still, I should not gripe too much. There is always good old fashioned English right? It’s sure to be winner forever. How do you say, “Spare some change in Mandarin?”

But, I can gripe about what grinds my quarter life gears for a little while longer in the Queen‘s tongue. So here goes…

What the fudge people? What the f’ing fudge?

Cause of the Month
It has been going on for years, but now I am just about ground down. The Hippies started it, never finished anything or probably made it worse. And now we are all guilted into some sort of cause, donate, give up this or that, save this animal or that culture, volunteer, etc. I first noticed it when I was a kid making a tuna fish sandwich. Dolphin Safe was on the label. Okay…I like dolphins so that was pretty cool. Peanut butter came next and everyone’s deadly allergy. Few years went by and I got the old veal parmesan lecture. Finally, the other day I got busted not using soy cheese on my grilled cheese. Quarter lifing is hard enough. I do not want to worry about the Earth, Mother Nature or my soul when all I want is a sandwich! Leave me alone cause of the month.

Shortening Words
Why is it we have to do this? I might be out of the loop here, but some office mate of mine told me she was skipping out early to go get a mani and a pedi. I am also a little slow, but I thought she just blew her cover and revealed she was getting a pap smear. Quarter Lifers? Not everything has to be put in text-ease. Spell and pronounce the beautiful gift of the English language. As long as we have it until at least 2015 when Pelosi outlaws it in the San Francisco is the New Capital of the USA Act.

The Next This or That…
Top model. Top Chef. Next Food Network Star. Next American Idol. I am fast approaching 30. I want some real “nexts!” The next man on the moon. The next step forward in cloning (I want a baby wooly mammoth.) The next great step from bread, pancake, waffle, crepe…to what? Give me something real to look forward to in my mid life.

Cell Phones
Yes that is such a 1996 thing to say, but I think it is about time to bring it back into the forefront of Quarter Lifing. I am pretty sure none of us have that much to say to anyone at anytime. The cell phone companies do not even bother using KY with their fees. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from texting? And here is the clincher. Harvard Medical Journal report: They swabbed 3000 cell phones for bacteria, viruses, toxins, etc. Top five things they found. Staph, MRSA, Strep, fecal matter and E Coli. And I love this…three other bacteria that had previously never been seen by human eyes. They actually discovered new life growing in the makeup residue, head grease pools of cell phone primordial ooze. Ergo, put the cell up every once in a while or at least clean it.

Not that I am for smoking. I just am tired of being ¼ life legislated about my behaviors. Hell, if the Prez can get away with a smoke, snort or toke. See Obama, Bush and Clinton in that order of addictions. I, too, can choose my way of ¼ life dos and do nots.

Red Carpet
OMG! Look at that spoiled flavor of the month actor in their donated designer dress, costume jewels, $2000 hairdo, etc. The Golden Globes starts off the awards season and like the NBA playoffs they take about 3 months to go through. Bring to the game the addition of a new award show on Fox every year…and this is ridiculous. ¼ Lifers! Find your own red carpet, your own way to physical, mental, emotional, professional red carpet success!

Appliances Being Plush
QL’s have been hit up with more marketing trends than any other generation. Madison Avenue is plugging happiness on our apps to now sides of public school buses. They all sell happiness in material goods. Now I find out that you too can spend more on your washer and drier than a car. Front loading, sleek design, fashionable colors, a computer smarter than Stephen Hawkins. It’s a washer and dryer folks. The place where all your “dirty laundry” goes. On the tour of the house ladies do you now show how well off you and hubby are doing by showing the laundry room? What next? “Here is our bathroom. These are actually imported Venetian porcelain eco flush toilets.” Golf clap from your dinner party guests.

Hand Sanitizer Stations
They are everywhere. And I know people are dirty and babies are little Petri dishes of colds, flu and poop. And I realize there is a new disease every week that will boil out your eyeballs, eat your skin and flat line you in three seconds. But, have we also forgotten how to wash our hands? I cannot tell you how many times the television, radio, doctor…and even the captain on a cruise I went on this past year lectured about hand washing. Quarter Lifers. You do know how to wash your paws right? Warm water + soap + time under the faucet (Say the Pledge of Allegiance twice) + rinse + dry with a clean paper towel. Do this or we will all have to soon wear HazMat suits just to hold hands.

Spiral Notebook Paper Leftovers
You know what I mean. You pull that crappy piece of paper off. All the leftovers. You end up picking out pieces from in between the spring and off the floor. Man they are enough to make me actually go buy an IPad and spend about 30 hours programming the stuff I just penciled into the notebook, tore off and threw in the garbage can.

So, there we go. Uno through diaz of mi muy importante gripes and no bueno likes. But, as I reread this, I realize I am a very tense person. I really should let go of these hang ups. Let fewer things grind my gears and get on with a more healthy outlook on my quarter life.

Nah…just jacking with ya. I am off to pound a few cervezas. Hasta!

Grinds My Quarter Life Gears the Third

July 6, 2010

Yea. I am back and I have more ¼ crap. Not whining here folks, just laying out the Quarter Life facts. What this member of our esteemed group knows to be a true pain in the ass.

And sometimes the ¼ life truth hurts!

You know what really grinds my gears?

The Letter X
All of our generation has had to put up with the terrible overuse of this seemingly (before us) underused word. Now it is the marketing Madison Avenue’s wet dream letter. X-Files, X-treme berry flavored, X Generation, X-plosive opportunity, Gillette Xtreme 34 bladed wonder shaver, X sports, etc. Hell, I even pronounce the etc. or etcetera with an X and not “e-set-teer-a.” Give the little guy a break. Let him go back to X-ray, Xeon, XXX and my Zoloft controlled xenophobia.

Fish of the Day
The other night I had to listen to the pimple nosed waiter at Outback whine on about the chef’s fresh fish of the day special. (Yea, I got a $50 gift certificate from my aunt for the birthday) A. There is no ocean near me, so it ain’t fresh. B. Tilapa was last year’s Hawaiian grouper and then 2007’s Chilean sea bass. The last two were fished nearly to extinction so that I might be able to enjoy the Fish of the Day for some outrageous price. C. I came to a steakhouse, bring me red meat, a freaking blooming onion and keep the ranch dressing coming! Quarter lifers are more green than their other generational counterparts. Put our eco passion to good use. You don’t always need surf with the turf.

Fortune Cookies
Too preachy these ¼ life days. You cannot even add the traditional “in bed” at the end of them. “To your friends you are clever and witty.” First that is not foretelling anything and second “in bed” makes for nothing except confusing thoughts of you & your buddies under the sheets. What would be so clever and witty in such a situation? For my quarter life brain, I have been numbed down to sound bites, so fortune cookies should be a good format. But, alas I have been calloused as well. Too much stimulation, sensory overload…well I would like something in a fortune cookie to excite me. How about “You will soon be witty and clever while cannibalizing your friends.” In bed. That is something to pass around over the dinner bill with General Tso resting in your belly.

Nothing new here. Every generation has had to put up with it. Maybe we ¼ lifers just hear about it more or, sadly, there probably is just that much more out there.

Greeting Cards
They are always up for sell 3.45 months up before the holiday they portray occurs. My ¼ life is hectic enough, don’t rush me. Christmas is in December…the end of December. I do not need to see greeting cards for it right after the back to school sales in August.

Kim Kardashian
Okay, enough with the spoiled whore shows. Just stop it America. You are just setting it up for Nicole Richie’s kids to become Senators one day. Gen Y, Millennials, later Gen Xers, whatever they will call our generation will be old and grumpy by then and we will be blamed for the travesty of reality show political leaders running the world.

Planned Parenthood
Was there ever a more misnamed organization? If the bun in the oven had been planned she, or the odd arranged couple would not be in the waiting room preparing for a vacuum job. Unplanned parenthood. Hey, I am not taking a quarter life stance on anything abortion wise. I just tell ’em like I see ’em. The only planning Planned Parenthood ever did was to give out free condoms. Yea, right…things are going well at the rave, she’s pumped up on X (I mean ecstasy), moi on Yeager bomb ten or in Roman numerals X, we are stumbling back to the dorm when I realize through the fog of my brain…I do not have a condom. Oh, wait…let me head to Planned Parenthood and get one. No. I either side tour to CVS or Walgreens. Or raid my roommate’s stash. Let us put a ¼ life twist on the new title for the organization. “Ooops! I Fudged Up! Fetus Disposal and Stem Cell Retrieval Services.”

On the subject KY Lubricant
All these new commercials for various gels. What is it with all the ridiculous claims? Warm stimulation. Electric vibrations. Gentle tones of eucalyptus, mango and key lime. One gel for her. One for him. When combined they transform a good time into a great time. What is this chemistry class? There are already enough liquids involved in the act of whoopee. Second. I just don’t buy it. Each year a new class of condoms comes out promising the impossible…that you will like wearing one. Quarter lifer’s do what you will, but just because MTV commercials say it is so, don’t make it so.

There I said it, I just don’t like them. Ladies, confused men and pussy whipped guys I am sorry for saying it. But, they are just not on my top list of animals. The waiter should come by and ask me if I want to hear about the Cat of the Day. I will not eat it, this is the Outback and not Chinese take-out…but I would sure like to listen to that dish‘s preparation! This has nothing to do with being QL. Just wanted to put it out there.

They were an import in the late 90’s modeled after Brit-lit trash mags. Lots of pictures, you could be under 18 to buy them and sported themselves with GQish advice on subjects only college dormitory shut-ins believe is true. Ergo, it’s Cosmo for dudes. That puts QL’s as the ones who have seen these rag mags take over the market place and now are generally excepted as legit pieces of literature. Sure if Maxim picked up one of my articles for $500, I’d sell my soul for a jelly role. But, you quarter lifer should not buy a copy. Go read National Geographic and learn something.

Well, we were grinding all over the place today weren’t we kiddos? X-Files, KY, magazines, fish, condoms… Hmmm…sounds like a Friday night at the old college dorm by myself.

Anyhows. Hope you enjoyed. Now go out there you crazy Quarter Lifers. Find, solve and absolve your own QL grinds, gripes, advice and complaints. Grind away…grind like the wind!

Sexy Time! Quarterlife Sexuality

July 6, 2010

Let’s talk about sex. As a generation that is fortunate enough to openly explore our sexuality, what pitfalls and advantages do we come across? Special guest Rose William along with the normal crew. Music by Kaila and Eddison. I wanna sex you up.

Stress: an emotional, intellectual, or physical reaction to change or demands.

July 2, 2010

Stress. Some use it as a crutch, some as a windmill to flail against, others as a rallying cry, there are those who are motivated by it…but most of us simply just do not like it. Quarter lifer stress can be harmful…and chronic unrelieved stress can cause headaches, backaches, loss of appetite, fatigue, depression and potentially serious physical problems. And seriously bum out those around you. I know…my girlfriend is doing her PhD dissertation and she is so wound tight! As Ferris Bueller once said, “If you took a lump of coal and stuck it up…” Okay she might read this article. I will stop there.

Back to the topic at hand; stress. Take relieving it seriously! Or working with it that is. Certain stress balls, can be unwound for positive motivation and attainment of goals.

Your choice. If you would like to tear your co-worker a new USB port, bury that little seed of doubtful anger until you can release it as a full blown Xanax addiction or handle things in…GET THIS…a mature, grown up manner…well again, up to you.

As a ¼ life type, I do not have to lecture on how ya face many changes and challenges. You may experience problems with your roommates, significant others, demanding social load, pursuing a boss’s dream of a perfect TPS coversheet and face tough competition making minimum credit card payments.

In adjusting to the stressful situations and the independent lifestyle of an up and coming 20-something, keep in mind three important anti-stressful concepts:


Taking advantage of the cooperation, the partnership with your life and its resources which can be found on campus, with family and friends, in the cubicle farm, doctor/therapist’s couch, church, meditation, the gym, a walk in the park…is another uber important factor in controlling stress. NO matter the kind of stress, its levels, already past consequences, the good or bad changes already wrought…you are never really alone. Cooperate with those who care, those entities of support and yourself to reduce, relax and render stress harmless…or at least livable levels…with or without developing an OCD complex.

It is important to remember one thing everyday of your life. Change is inevitable and a good thing. The first visible, in your face sign (literally) occurs every morning when you wake up and look in the mirror. Things change. And that ill advised, final Jaeger bomb from last night, definitely brought change.

If you are sad or happy at the recent changes in your life…don’t give up and do not get too comfortable. Give it s day or two and you will be surprised at just what might happen. With each passing sunrise to sunset, some of the hard new edges of the unfamiliar or soft cushions of the familiar quarter life will slightly or majorly, big time alter. Many changes are under your control. Regardless of such, the ability to adapt to change provides a great opportunity to learn skills for coping with that above mentioned original problem…stress. Sum up…change is constant…deal with it.

Every decision you make will have certain repercussions. We can thank Newton for summing it up. For every action there is an equally, easily just as awesome or fucked up reaction. Okay…maybe not a direct quote. Just remember even though the decisions you make will be up to you, the results aren’t always as easily controlled. Whenever you find yourself facing a decision, think it through. Carefully consider the options and the consequences before you move forward, and a new independent, less stress life will be more manageable. The decision is yours…and so are the results…good or bad.

Okay…I have to say the following. Ya know…beginning of the year, resolutions, getting healthy, rerun marathons of The Biggest Loser, vows to stop being a Facebook potato…

Effective stress management includes healthy diet and exercise habits. Exercising gives you a break from the mental and emotional strain one experiences while helping to reduce physical tension. It will also increase your stamina and your overall physical well being. In addition minimize such behaviors as overeating, excessive drinking, smoking, or using mood-altering drugs — all of which are detrimental to your health. Whew…that took a lot of effort to say…because I so often do not follow my own advice.

Finally, don’t overwork yourself; all work and no play can cause you to feel stressed out, irritable and less motivated. Schedule time for rest, social activities, recreation and relaxation.

Don’t let your quarter years “stress” you out. Recognize situations that may cause stress, develop effective ways to manage’em and seek help if you need it. Cooperate with the change so the consequences benefit you and those you care about.