Aaron Sorkin quit Facebook too!

June 23, 2011

Congrats Aaron. We hope you keep it up.

Happy Pride!

June 12, 2011

Pride month always provides a bevy of news about progress (or lack there of) in the gay community. This pride month is no different. Tracy Morgan decided to go on a homophobic rant in one of his routines, leading the whistleblower of his show to come out to his family. New surveys show that a majority of the American population now support gay marriage. Croatia’s pride celebration ended in disaster, the Giant’s started MLB teams on making videos for the It Gets Better Project, and Rick Santorum claims that he loves his gay friends. I don’t believe he has any, but he loves them hypothetically.

Pride month isn’t even half way over and we already have a plethora of news items to discuss. For me, none has been as irritating as Ann Coulter. Now, generally, I just ignore what she who must not be named says. She’s one of those rare creatures who is incredibly easy to ignore because everything that comes out of her mouth is complete shit. Piers Morgan asked Coulter on Tuesday “If you had a son or daughter who came to you and told you they were gay, how would you feel?” She repeatedly dodged the question, blabbering something about not imagining being married (despite her three engagements) and how getting married was the first step towards having a baby. Fast forward three days and she finally tells Sean Hannity how she would feel:
“I mean, obviously, I’d tell him he’s adopted…How’s asking him for help redecorating the dining room?”
Now, there is nothing in this statement like Tracy Morgan saying he would stab his son for being gay, or equating gay marriage to sex with ducks (thank you Pat Robertson). But Coulter spreads not only hatred for the gay community, but for those families who turn to adoption to create a family. The slight about the gay community being great decorators- not harmless, but expected from a person who thinks women shouldn’t have the right to vote. But adoption, Coulter? Really? Thousands of children around the world need good, loving homes. People who adopt love their children, no matter who they are. Families choose adoption for a number of reasons, but the common theme between them is the desire to raise a child. It’s a choice people make, not a random occurrence.

Thank you, Ann Coulter for being a bigot during pride month. It reminds us all how far we still have to go and who we are fighting against for equality. Pride month is a celebration of being who you are, but also remembering what lengths it takes to be able to be that person. It’s not a short or easy road, but things are moving forward- despite the efforts of the small-minded and hateful.

Ann Coulter is the devil