1. Anna says:

    Very true. I’ve had much experience in this and i am finding that while i’m very open to ‘see what happens’, i am constantly afraid i’m passing up other more genuine opportunities with guys.

    • Yeah, I know for some people those sites really do seem to work and they end up finding what they’re looking for butttt I gave it one more shot after this was written and it reassured me that it’s just not my deal. Those more genuine opportunities, although they seem few and far between these days, still seem to be the better chance in my opinion.

  2. Josh Bowesr says:

    Just thought it was funny that while reading your article the advertisement in the sidebar was for “Arablounge.com”. A dating site…

  3. Nizaar says:

    I visited the site http://www.qiran.com and liked it much better then arablounge or any other arabic dating site.

  4. pet says:

    “Damnit! I just spent sixty bucks on dinner for nothing!”

    That’s a bit/lot pretentious isn’t it? What did she owe you other than accept your invitation to go out for dinner, which she did! The world, and the girl owe you nothing more than that angry guy.

    You need to get over the “I paid for her dinner, she owes me some affection” attitude. You owe her the respect to accept defeat gracefully and with respect… learn that and you’ll be more attractive to women.

    Here endth the lesson!

  5. Jeremy says:

    It’s not that she owes you affection, it’s that she owes you the honesty and decency to say, “hey, I’m really picky and I’m just not interested, thanks, and good luck” Is that really so hard??

    I think the problem with the world today is that women have wanted to be equal for so long, but nowdays they are way ahead in terms of equality, they have almost complete control over men in terms of dating and sexuality!! If you’re an attractive girl, you’ve got evvvvvvvvery guy in the WORLD as you option!

    I’ve come to the conlusion that dating sites are simply playgrounds for women to hopefully hit the jackpot with some rich hot bachelor… it’s like gambling for them! They pay the admission fee and sit back and wait.. they don’t care about love or emotions..

    Bottom line; Women = Penis Parasites.

    • Mari McGrath says:

      Yeouch! Sounds like you’ve been burned my friend. I agree that there are certain games that have been introduced to the dating scenario that encourages dishonesty. But I prefer to stay away from generalizations that vilify an entire class of people.

  6. Scot says:

    You have to care about a person as much or more than you care about yourself and that will show if you do. It’s ancient, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

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