Alli Whalen

Allison Whalen

Profile: Allison Whalen is a 24-year old Canadian Studies graduate student at Carleton University, specializing in rock music and gender. She turned to grad school after several brief, often mind-numbing stints in various windowless, fluorescent cubes. Born and raised in Ottawa, she spends her days like most Canadians do: chugging maple syrup to build strength and character; getting into impromptu - but polite - whale blubber street-fights; writing fan letters to Neil Young, The Tragically Hip and Gordon Lightfoot; and thinking up new and amusing ways one could be stereotyped as a Canuck. When she finds herself free from school work and patriotism, she enjoys summer backyard barbeques, making t-shirts, being sarcastic, Scrubs, going to concerts, Bill Murray, petting dogs, themed boatcruises that require costumes, eating fancy sushi in one big bite, emailing friends at work, reading books in the sun, looking things up on Wikipedia, making mixed cds for anyone who wants one, and dancing at bars that glow in the dark. Alli aspires one day to be a writer in any shape or form, preferably as a human-shape who writes in novel-form. Meanwhile, she plans to finish her masters degree, volunteer, see the world, get a job in a record store and maybe cure a disease (if there's time).

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