1. Andrea says:

    Sounds interesting, I’m interested to see how a career therapist/coach/counselor differentiates with a career (change) consultant or career. I’d be interested to know if you take any personality/MyersBriggs-like test, but catered for career analysis.

  2. Tessa says:

    Definitely a suggestion that I’m going to think about! I’m pretty lost that’s for sure! 😛
    Looking forward to hearing more about your sessions!
    Btw, how often would you visit a career therapist as opposed to a regular therapist? Less or the same?

  3. Staff says:

    Tessa – The therapist I went to has a specialization in career counseling and life transitions, but is a general therapist as well. However, if you Google “career counseling services” with your city — there are offices and private practices that brand themselves in the specific field of career counseling that may come up. After that, it’s important to get a few recommendations from their past clients and to take a look at their educational background.

  4. Staff says:

    To answer the question about number of sessions — I will describe my experience in the next couple entries, but I imagine it’s different for everyone and how much untangling and searching you need to do. Unlike general therapy, career counseling seems to usually have a definitive end once a plan is created, but not to say that continuous sessions or revisiting is not normal.

  5. ask says:

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