1. April Tauzin says:

    David-I was doing research for an article I am writing about fears that college students have about life after graduation. I was on lifeaftercollege.org and there was a link to Quarterlives.com. I was like…isn’t this the site that Jeff designed? LOL. This foreclosure story is too funny. My favorite line is :”Unfortunately for us, the Orlando real estate market was crashing harder than the coke fiends next door.” Tragic but funny. I know you guys have told me about it but reading all the details about it is interesting. That’s crazy how the price dropped from 130k to 40k! I think a lot of folks that own in Hawaii are having similar problems. I know most are upside down on their payments.

    I agree, lots of us are pressured into buying. It is better than renting if you are someone who knows where they want to live for the rest of their lives ie. your hometown. But if you are going to travel or have to relocate for a job, it’s not a wise thing to do. It ties you down and doesn’t leave wiggle room in your budget. I don’t know a lot about foreclosure, but 7 years of bad credit does seem like a better option. I’m glad everything with your old condo got sorted out.


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