1. Sara says:

    First of all, thank you so much for summarizing the series the way you did. I too absolutely despise the people who focus on only certain elements of the show, take them way out of context and then judge and criticize this brilliant show. It actually infuriates me to have people boil it down to four superficial sluts who talk like frat boys. It’s not that.
    Anyone who’s ever had girl friends (or boy friends) that they consider their family, that have supported them through all that life has to offer, that have seen them at their worst and still come back for more will relate to this whole series. My friends and I lead a far more “realistic” life and yet, regularly I’ll start a personal anecdote with “It’s like that episode of Sex and the City when….”
    All the clothes, shoes, hot sex and trendy nightlife is just an added bonus and makes the show a lot of fun to watch!

    So now for the movie, Alli, you and I saw it together and we had pretty different points of view. While I wasn’t over the top in love with it, I think I cut it a little more slack. At the end when we were discussing I was sort of agreeing with you but decided the next day that I was happier with it than I initially thought. I’ve seen it twice now. The first time I think that I was so excited and my expectations were so high that I didn’t fully take it in. I started out thinking that the film was trying too hard to live up to its reputation as a fun, hip comedy about the dramas of life. Since I didn’t need to be sold on that, I felt a little uncomfortable with the way it was going. And as the movie wore on, I still felt a little awkward. As far as plot goes, yes it was a little melodramatic but what do you do when you think you’ve completely tied up all the loose ends in the series and people want you to come up with enough new material for a feature film? I liked the conflict between Carrie and Big because I felt like his actions were enough to warrant her pain but, I also couldn’t whole-heartedly fault him because of the part she played in the situation. It made it easier to stomach the happy ending because it was easier to see both at fault, and both forgiven. And even if you do consider Carrie’s storyline over the top, I think the other three had far more realistic situations. With the exception of Charlotte’s bliss (which felt so right because she wished for a life like that with almost unwavering optimism and the rosiest coloured glasses of all time through all 6 years) they weren’t all happy but they were real problems that people face everday. So in the end I did quite like the movie.
    It wasn’t until I saw it the second time that I realized what my problem was, why I felt so uncomfortable and awkward in the first viewing: It was exactly the same feeling I get during the first few hours of a reunion with close friends that I have not seen in a really long time. The first part of the reunion is a bit uncomfortable, a bit awkward and you struggle to find that place that you share that feels so comfortable and warm. It always comes back to you eventually, as it did for my second viewing of SATC. It felt like an old friend again. We just needed to get reacquainted. I had that warm fuzzy feeling I get when I pop in an episode I’ve already seen 10 times but it’s so familiar and fun. The second time for me was pure viewing pleasure with the friends I’d missed for so long. That’s why I’ve been urging you to go see it again because I feel that the possibility for you to really enjoy this film is there. Let me know if your up for it. I’d love to see the gals again!

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