1. Hi Frank –
    I was very curious about the following statement you made, “She was right about the latter. I do believe in something greater than myself – I just don’t think that thing is God. But I’ll leave that for another blog…” Would you mind expanding on that at some point? (It doesn’t have to be in this comment). It piqued my interest.


  2. “all the big sacraments excluding matrimony”

    Really? Isn’t the anointing of the sick a sacrament? Holy Orders? Are you a terminal priest? I’m just wondering. That piqued my interest.

    • By the by, I’m pointing out that I don’t really get what you mean by “big sacraments.” Because to me, becoming a member of the cloth would be a big one. Did you mean most common?

  3. Frank Bologna says:

    Good call. Perhaps I should have written “common,” but they were in fact the “biggest” sacraments I could have taken up until that point (I renounced Catholicism by the time I was eighteen). Is it possible to become a priest before turning twenty? I know that you are allowed to marry before you’re twenty, yet I’m totally ignorant of the steps (and time) it takes to become a Catholic priest.

    As far as “Anointing of the Sick” and “Holy Orders” are concerned, I believe those specific sacraments are tied with priests, and therefore you are correct in stating that they, too, are pretty big.

  4. ahardheartsells says:

    Anointiong of the Sick can be a sacrament anyone recieves, isn’t it? I think so. Anyway, I was just wondering because my very Catholic Nana talks about Holy Orders being the biggest sacrament you can ever recieve all the time. Like “The Killer” at TooJay’s or something.

  5. Christian says:

    I agree mostly, I am a Wiccan who just told my mother yesterday and she is sending me to a convent is it really that bad. I am a gay pagan and the idea of a convent scares me got any suggestions

  6. johnny (is not my real name) says:

    i relate to you, although its harder for me seeing as i’m only 15 and my parents are those no-bullshit type asians. no im not a nutter, no im not suicidal, no my parents arent divorcing and no neither am i mentally scarred by some incident in the past. i’m just a kid who worked out that my religion isn’t really working for me

    • Mari McGrath says:

      15 was about when I started questioning my faith and began a spiritual exploration that would take the next 10 years to solidify. It was more awkward for me since my dad is a minister. I left organized religion in high school over a discussion concerning how gays were viewed by god. After that I decided to explore other kinds of religion, eventually finding the Unitarian Universalist denomination. It wasn’t easy to get to a place where I was comfortable being a part of organized religion again, but I think if you’re willing to explore then you find a definition that fits you and that you are comfortable with as a spiritual or non-spiritual person.

  7. Teania says:

    I found this while looking for sites unquestioning religion cause I currently am questioning mine. I started off with no religion believe it or not. I knew that every adult said god but I didn’t know what that was, and I only learned of religion when I was about 9. So from the until I was like16, I was a Christian in the way you put it, by default.

    So now I’m a Wicca. With a catholic father and a baptist mother, both non- practicing, yet apparently believing enough to tell their 23 year old daughter that Wicca is wrong. Yet they told me they wanted me to pick my own religion when I was younger. Big contradiction huh?

    But my question in this long comment is, how did you go about changing your mind in your religion? Did you perhaps read any helpful books or websites or was it all on your own? I’m trying to figure out I I should change my religion once again or not. Any answer would be appreciated. Thanks

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