1. I wonder if the “Potty Papers” are indicative of why so many people feel dissatisfied with their love-lives, no matter how “great” they might possibly be. We get inundated with these unrealistic and monolithic notions of love from movies. T.V., and trash literature (like you said), and consequently, we expect our relationships to mirror those fantasies.

    It’s almost as if love is treated like this platonic ideal which we can never fully achieve here on Earth. Such idealism can only prove to be impractical and ultimately dangerous, inevitably begetting a vicious, self-defeating cycle of perpetual restlessness and disappointment.

  2. Mari McGrath says:

    And ergo, when we get into relationships that don’t meet the monolithic ideals, we are unprepared with how to deal with them. We have to models or practice on real relationships, just fairy tale ones.

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