1. Mark McClure says:

    No doubt planning “long term” career paths is different than when I left teaching for IT at 26, in 1987.

    Still, PCs were big, rare, clunky and slow – and mostly standalone.
    The tiny Internet was known only by academics and the military.
    And Microsoft had this wonderful DOS-based command line – on which I spent a ton of time mastering WordPerfect command stroke sequences for formatting documents 🙂

    Probably the biggest difference I’ve noticed between than and now is that the Internet allows all these changes, opportunities, doubts and hopes to be analyzed, viewed and dissected from myriad groupings and perspectives of all sizes and persuasions.

    That didn’t really exist in my 20s – we discussed whatever we read, watched or saw in the MSM, usually over a pint in the local pub. (or maybe on the phone).

    With hindsight, if I were to have my 20s back again but this time starting in 2006, I would look for even more serendipitous events than I found back then.

    They do exist and our interconnectedness may just be seeding even more.

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