1. ahardheartsells says:

    I couldn’t agree more about really reading some cook books instead of just using them. Truly good cook books should be your steady gal – – not just a cheap whore.

  2. It seems obvious how popular celebrity cooks such as Emeril, Paula Deen, and Rachel Ray have been, and I think Bittman is no exception. But you think their appeal is transcending the generation gap? I mean, how many people our age do you know are buying these cookbooks and are ACTUALLY cooking?

    Please tell me, so that I can befriend them!

  3. Mari McGrath says:

    I think that there is a movement in our generation of people who love food and love to cook. The foodies walk among us. You only have to be part of the food blog network to realize how pervasive the interest in cooking is (find “Food Porn” on livejournal- those people, me included, are insane!).

    I think that many of those chefs got famous because they were good chefs- but aren’t any longer. Now they hock their wares- pots with their names stamped on them and frozen pizzas. Thats part of the reason I was so amazed with the book because generally, second and third (and twelfth) cookbooks suck compared to the original. Bittman was able to keep to what makes him good- he actually knows how to cook AND how to tell other people how to cook. He didn’t just take all his original recipes and make them veggie, he approached it with a whole new sensibility that held.

    I think that the internet is going to bring us (and has already to some extent) more of an old school recipe sharing network (ala recipesource.com or cooks.com) than the celebrity chef idolization- at least for our generation.

  4. ahardheartsells says:

    Raises hand.

    Um, I cook recipes from the cookbooks I buy. I know a lot of people who do, too. Moreso, I use them for inspiration.

    Besides, I don’t think that’s the only point of cookbooks. How many people do you know who subscribe to National Geographic that go exploring? Sometimes its just nice to see how the professionals do it.

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