1. Julie says:

    In my opinion, assuming women are making choices only based on an idealized image of “soccer moms” is oversimplifying matters. I don’t think any woman decides to have children because they envision themselves to be a fictitious character. At least none that I know or have heard of. We’re talking 9 months of pregnancy and painful labor here. Most college-educated women just don’t decide to get pregnant lightly. They worry about finances, resources, responsibilities, and I would argue — more about their long-term future than most men that age.

    Furthermore, if starting a family is what a woman wants to do after she obtains her diploma, then that is her choice to make. It’s just as valid of a choice as going to grad school or starting a career. Maybe if she were a teenager, she may not be mature enough to handle it. But once she is in her early/mid 20s and she’s graduated from college, I would argue a woman can determine the best option for herself.

    The important thing is that women now thankfully have a choice. Each woman is different and deserves to make her own choice free from falling into stereotypes and social expectations.

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