Flagyl For Sale

February 8, 2011

Flagyl For Sale, Dear Job Websites-

I am seeking new employment. However, Order Flagyl from mexican pharmacy, whenever I see a position that looks exciting, for which I have the proper skill set and associated experience, and one that I would ultimately want to apply for, Flagyl use, I face something called the “employer’s application.”

The gauntlet begins: I am thrown into a round of mindless input of information readily available on my resume: including contact information, Flagyl pictures, previous work experience, job descriptions, and much more, Flagyl brand name. What’s the point of the resume if I need to fill out these blank boxes. Flagyl australia, uk, us, usa, Or better phrased, why do I need to put in information that’s already available on my resume. If I get through this level (gulp), Flagyl maximum dosage, I see what awaits me on the next round: a 30 minute survey of behavioral interview questions to quantify my interpersonal, Flagyl reviews, organizational, and leadership qualities. Apparently, they want to know if I “agree, disagree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, or not applicable.” (double gulp)

The unemployment rate recently dropped to 9%, Flagyl For Sale. Unfortunately, Flagyl long term, that’s not because more companies are hiring. Flagyl natural, In fact, in January, the private sector only added 36, Flagyl recreational,000 jobs. Where can i order Flagyl without prescription, The number has gone down because people have given up looking for work. The government doesn’t consider you “unemployed,” if you’re aren’t looking for work, Flagyl without prescription. Flagyl For Sale, To be unemployed, involves two requirements 1) not have a job and 2) be looking for a job. You don’t count if you’ve given up. Generic Flagyl, Over 15 million people lost their jobs during the recession, and many have been out of work for longer than 6 months. Some have been unemployed for a year, buy Flagyl without a prescription, some even two years. Flagyl used for, Not only do these people face a challenging job market, where there are simply not enough jobs to go around and too many qualified people to fill them, but the insult to injury, Flagyl samples, is the ‘dark abyss’ of the employer job application.

Each of these generic applications can take upwards of 20-30 minutes, Flagyl For Sale. Buy no prescription Flagyl online, Factor in another 30 minute assessment, fine-tuning cover letters, and the actual original job search, Flagyl no rx, and you get an unwieldy amount of time spent on applying to even ONE job. Australia, uk, us, usa, My question is: why. Why do companies; large, global, Flagyl over the counter, goliath, Doses Flagyl work, major institutions of profit, partake in something that is so inefficient, wasteful, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, annoying, Flagyl price, coupon, and frustrating.

My first possible explanation is they consider it a “barrier to entry.” In other words, if you really want this job, buy generic Flagyl, you’ll sit through the mindless input, Flagyl images, possibly followed by a 30 minute round of behavioral questions, just to be considered. Flagyl For Sale, That’s the shocker. You could spend all of this time and energy, order Flagyl from United States pharmacy, to submit an application, Online buying Flagyl hcl, when the employer knows very well they would never hire you based off a 10 second glance of your resume. So is their goal to reduce the number of applications.

I’ve attempted to send my resume to real people, buy cheap Flagyl no rx, using various networking and research vehicles online: LinkedIn, Flagyl wiki, google searches, etc. My hope is to circumvent the wasteful time suck that is the employer job website application, comprar en línea Flagyl, comprar Flagyl baratos. The response is typical, “thank you for forwarding your resume to me, however, we can not consider applicants without ……”

At that moment, I hear a shrill scream from inside my mind, Flagyl For Sale. The job application on the company website is UNAVOIDABLE. Herbal Flagyl, It seems the lengthy application may have something to do with documenting equal opportunity employment screening.

It can not go on like this. Very capable workers have given up hope of finding a job and I can promise you that this senseless application process is a major part of it, Flagyl treatment. Flagyl For Sale, We need to innovate here and change the status quo. Attention Entrepreneurs: the market has a need and you can fill it. Flagyl overnight, If companies insist on having information in piecemeal format, we can set up a main online company that provides this format to companies. Consider what Careerbuilder or Monster do, Flagyl from mexico, and make it the standard. Flagyl maximum dosage, So, if they insist on knowing the dates I worked at TPT, or how much I got paid, where can i cheapest Flagyl online, they can have it in its own little box for perusal. In other words, when I apply and send my resume, I can also send a form that gives them their desired knowledge of my work past, but without the manual input required for EACH website, Flagyl For Sale. Flagyl without a prescription, Now, I can apply to 100 jobs a day, versus 10, Flagyl gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Life is a game of numbers and this would increase the chances of garnering employment, Buy Flagyl from canada, of reducing stress and aggravation, and simply be more efficient and simple.

Personally, Flagyl price, coupon, in the interlude, I have decided NOT to apply to any job that requires a job application. If a company doesn’t value my time and energy, I can not take the time or energy to apply. Flagyl For Sale, I went to college. I can input information into a box if asked and if needed. And I can promise that the information will be accurate. But doing it 10x a day, 7x a day, for an unclear amount of time, I will not. I repeat I went to college. I know how to think and make choices for myself, Flagyl For Sale. I know that problems are often complex and unemployment is a major problem now. We can talk about stimulus, tax cuts, work programs, entitlements, unemployment benefits, aggregate demand, consumer confidence, and much more. But, because I went to college, I also know sometimes the simplest solution is often the right one. At this point, I can only ask, “what if there were no asterisks?”

Thank you-
Job Seeker.

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Buy Vibramycin Without Prescription

September 26, 2010

Buy Vibramycin Without Prescription, Barack Obama has a clear problem. It’s that he is not acting decisively.

Quick comparison, purchase Vibramycin for sale, re: George W. Vibramycin overnight, Bush: "George had immense simplicity in how he saw the world. Right or wrong, it led to decisive leadership." – Tony Blair, Vibramycin forum, in his recent autobiography.

I am not surprised by Mr, Buy Vibramycin Without Prescription. Doses Vibramycin work, Blair’s description. For a man who prided himself on ‘going with his gut’ – “simplicity,” seems to go hand in hand with former President Bush’s leadership style, Vibramycin used for. Hence the quick starts to wars without thought out exit strategies or significant preparation and research into best operational practices (maybe diplomacy?. Vibramycin without a prescription, – woops, I’m sorry, that takes too much time and definitely too much of that deem der words n thinkin’)

Regardless, buy Vibramycin online no prescription, he got things done. Buy Vibramycin Without Prescription, President Obama, however, wants to lecture, elaborate, explain, inform, educate, and professorate to the American people about why jobs haven’t come back yet (we avoided a depression, so this is wonderful in comparison), or why healthcare needed to get passed (morally reprehensible not to have access to healthcare for those who need it / healthcare costs are out of control and the biggest contributor to deficit spending), why we have to protect the constitution (and allow people to build community religious centers where they want), why financial regulation was such a good thing for them (avoid bubbles, protect consumers) etc. Real brand Vibramycin online, Wow. That sounds like he’s doing a lot actually. And he’s about to involve consumer advocate and Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren to help set up the consumer protection agency she helped champion into creation, is Vibramycin safe. Add another point to the working man’s score card.

So what’s Obama’s problem, Buy Vibramycin Without Prescription. Vibramycin from mexico, Public perception. The President’s favorability numbers have crashed and burned as of late. That’s typical during tough economic times, online Vibramycin without a prescription.

But, Order Vibramycin online overnight delivery no prescription, the President doesn’t have the luxury of being well-liked anymore. Buy Vibramycin Without Prescription, Especially because he’s not as folksy as previous presidents - where Clinton and Bush seemed to excel. The public’s perception that “they could have a beer with the President;” that he understands their predicaments, their values, buy Vibramycin from canada, and their lives. Vibramycin online cod, Obama is a nerd in a nation full of unemployed construction and manufacturing workers. He is facing the brunt of the ramifications of a changing world – globalization, outsourcing, Vibramycin used for, cheap off-shore labor, Purchase Vibramycin, technology driven productivity advances, and the ultimate transformation of the US economy into one heavily based on information and services.

Barack Obama is dealing with an electorate that doesn’t understand the complex issues and dynamic involved in our greater economy, rx free Vibramycin. Or how we fix it, Buy Vibramycin Without Prescription. Or that it takes time to fix. Vibramycin natural, They connect to simple people and simple ideas (see: Tea Party movement). People just like them and ideas they “plum understand.” Barack Obama, as a highly educated, comprar en línea Vibramycin, comprar Vibramycin baratos, well spoken Black man, Where can i order Vibramycin without prescription, doesn’t vibe with most people’s identification. Especially because he’s an undercover terrorist, Muslim, Vibramycin treatment, Hitler-isc, Low dose Vibramycin, socialist-elitist. Buy Vibramycin Without Prescription, People do not want to be told that the jobs are coming back when they’ve been unemployed for 6 months or a year. When they’re upside down on their house, they don’t want it explained to them that it’s going to take time to get the glut of supply off the housing market, Vibramycin brand name. When they’re managing a small company, Vibramycin cost, they don’t want to be told their taxes are going up.

They need solutions. Not talk, online buy Vibramycin without a prescription.

What are the problems facing our economy, Buy Vibramycin Without Prescription. There’s a serious gap between workers’ skills and the jobs available. Taking Vibramycin, These people may NEVER get their old jobs back. So we need to train the available work-force for the jobs that are offered. Banks aren’t lending – that’s hurting small businesses, purchase Vibramycin online no prescription. Buy Vibramycin Without Prescription, We need to get them to lend again. And now. Vibramycin no prescription, Companies have tons of money on the side-lines because they’re scared- there’s too much uncertainty out there. So they’re not investing in research and development, not in employees, Vibramycin trusted pharmacy reviews, not in investment spending. Australia, uk, us, usa, And they will -only once there's demand for their goods and services again.

Where will the demand come from, Buy Vibramycin Without Prescription. Consumers aren’t spending the way they used to and may never spend that way again. (Remember credit cards and living beyond our means?) With that said, Vibramycin pics, the only way to increase demand, Vibramycin dangers, is to increase the number of people working so they can spend money again. That will get the businesses excited and spending money and hiring more workers. And then the dominoes will begin to fall, Vibramycin wiki. Buy Vibramycin Without Prescription, Capitalism needs confidence to succeed. And confidence will only come with JOBS. Vibramycin samples, We need action. We need things to happen now. We need decisive leadership, buy Vibramycin online no prescription. Bold, strong, from the gut leadership, Buy Vibramycin Without Prescription. Creative solutions that have gigantic impacts. Vibramycin without a prescription, So I say to President Obama: Stop talking. Stop being on TV. Stop showing people that you’re doing something, Vibramycin photos. Buy Vibramycin Without Prescription, The sound-bites aren’t working. I hear in your voice, Vibramycin duration, a staining, a begging, a “please understand it takes time to repair 8 years of backwards policies – of neglect, Vibramycin schedule, of irresponsibility, Generic Vibramycin, of short-term thinking,” a weakness that was not there when you spoke of hope and change. It is time to deliver. We can no longer talk about “the previous administration.”

We live in a different age now, where information is spread rapidly and media is omnipresent. You’re operating under the microscope, but that’s why we elected you. Because only you could do the job, Buy Vibramycin Without Prescription. Only you could fight for us.

But people are out there – literally being kicked out of their homes. When wall street was on the precipice of collapse, the government came in and acted decisively, and saved us from tremendous turmoil and pain.

Well—saved some. Buy Vibramycin Without Prescription, Others are out there drowning in debt, just barely getting by, trying to find work, trying to live, trying to just survive.

We can blame Republican blockades all we want. But, the problem, of this President, is decisive clear simple straightforward leadership. What we need now is the doing. The action. No more talking.

Mr. President, the campaign is over, we need you to lead now.

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Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale

September 18, 2010

Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale, You can tell your mom and dad to stop worrying—it’s not just you—it’s our whole generation. Kjøpe Hydrochlorothiazide på nett, köpa Hydrochlorothiazide online, And not only in America. Joblessness around the world is affecting Quarterlifers

Bloomberg Businessweek reported that more than a quarter of China’s graduating class of 2010 has yet to find work, Hydrochlorothiazide no rx. Hydrochlorothiazide dosage, According to the Education Ministry, that’s about 6.3 million new Chinese college graduates who are unemployed, Hydrochlorothiazide australia, uk, us, usa. Hydrochlorothiazide class, In Great Britain, 18 to 24 year olds are suffering with 20 percent unemployment, buy generic Hydrochlorothiazide. And In America, our rate hovers around the same, Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale. Get Hydrochlorothiazide, Yet, millions of students are going to college, my Hydrochlorothiazide experience, Order Hydrochlorothiazide from mexican pharmacy, hoping that their advanced degrees will help them get into the job of their dreams. The reality of it is they should just hope they get a job, Hydrochlorothiazide gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Online buying Hydrochlorothiazide, In America, the recession has wiped out about 8.2 million jobs during 2008 and 2009, buy Hydrochlorothiazide from mexico. Hydrochlorothiazide results, Peter Morici, an economics professor at the University of Maryland, after Hydrochlorothiazide, Buy Hydrochlorothiazide online cod, calculates job increases would have to average 400,000 a month to return to a 6% unemployment rate by the end of 2013, effects of Hydrochlorothiazide. Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale, Suffice to say that those numbers are a far reach from where we are today. Hydrochlorothiazide without prescription, There was a net jobs LOSS in August of 54,000 jobs, buy Hydrochlorothiazide without a prescription. Hydrochlorothiazide alternatives, We have a steep way up to climb to return job numbers to pre-recession levels.

What does that mean for quarterlifers, Hydrochlorothiazide reviews. Buy cheap Hydrochlorothiazide no rx, Hustle and flow baby. Hustle and flow, Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale.

No seriously, Hydrochlorothiazide blogs, Where can i find Hydrochlorothiazide online, what it means is prepare to get underpaid, in a job you probably don’t love, buy Hydrochlorothiazide no prescription, Where can i cheapest Hydrochlorothiazide online, for a while. But instead of getting down in the dumps about lack of opportunities, Hydrochlorothiazide mg, Hydrochlorothiazide pictures, use this time to build work experience. This is the biggest thing that employers look for in prospective new employees, Hydrochlorothiazide pharmacy. Hydrochlorothiazide coupon, Do your job and do it to the best of your ability, and your sure to get someone to notice, about Hydrochlorothiazide. Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale, The biggest thing the recession has done has increased the supply of workers, while demand for workers has been low. Fast shipping Hydrochlorothiazide, In the competitive market of finding a job—you have to stand out—be someone who brings immediate value from the skills you’ve developed. For many employers, doses Hydrochlorothiazide work, Hydrochlorothiazide overnight, they want to see real world performance from actual work experience.

Also, real brand Hydrochlorothiazide online, Buying Hydrochlorothiazide online over the counter, in the interlude, Quaterlifers should take advantage of this time to work on personal projects that are meaningful to them, Hydrochlorothiazide over the counter. Hydrochlorothiazide images, Whether it’s your music career, your great American novel, where to buy Hydrochlorothiazide, Hydrochlorothiazide forum, your stamp collecting, or whatever it is that you love, Hydrochlorothiazide price, coupon.

The job of the Quarterlifer is to be resilient, Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale. College allowed us to put on various hats, try new things, be challenged, and tested. Now, practice is over and we must apply those tangible skills in the real world.

The refrain, “but I have a college degree…” no longer carries with it the promise of a the well-paying job. But, it does open doors and give you the opportunity to show your stuff.

Seize it.

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Metronidazole Gel For Sale

May 13, 2010

Metronidazole Gel For Sale, By Kristen Fischer, www.ramenrentresumes.com

The end of the semester is fast approaching for many college seniors. Online buying Metronidazole Gel, Even though you may be caught up in campus life, the professional world is just around the bend, order Metronidazole Gel no prescription. Metronidazole Gel coupon, Here are a few tips on how to get into a “real world” mentality to make the transition a tad bit easier.

Think about what you want to do, where can i buy Metronidazole Gel online. Metronidazole Gel australia, uk, us, usa, You have been studying a particular field for around four years, but that doesn’t mean you will—or will want to—automatically enter it, buy Metronidazole Gel online cod. If you know that you want to pursue something else upon graduation, there is nothing wrong with not going into the field you studied, Metronidazole Gel For Sale. Metronidazole Gel brand name, In fact, you’ll do better off knowing this from the get-go so you can build your career in another field, online buy Metronidazole Gel without a prescription. After Metronidazole Gel, Regardless of what you want to do, learn about your options, purchase Metronidazole Gel for sale. Comprar en línea Metronidazole Gel, comprar Metronidazole Gel baratos, Examine what you want your ideal day to be like. What kinds of jobs are available in your industry and in the region you want to work in, Metronidazole Gel without a prescription. Metronidazole Gel For Sale, It may sound silly but most new grads are on autopilot and, understandably, enter the working world taking whatever job they can get. Metronidazole Gel class, But you want to build a career now that you have your degree; not just get a job. Put some thought into the direction you want to take, discount Metronidazole Gel. Get Metronidazole Gel, Get crackin’ on a resume. I know it may seem daunting to work on something that doesn’t have a deadline—unlike turning in a final paper—but this document is equally as important, Metronidazole Gel street price. While you are on campus and have the resources, talk to the pros at your Career Services office and get tips for writing a resume, and feedback from people who know all about them, Metronidazole Gel For Sale. Buy Metronidazole Gel from mexico, Compiling a resume is often overwhelming for soon-to-be grads because they feel like there’s nothing to fill up an entire page, but if you really assess your skill set and look at the latest resume-writing trends, Metronidazole Gel blogs, Order Metronidazole Gel online overnight delivery no prescription, you can come up with a powerful resume that will get you the job.

Start looking for a job—yesterday, Metronidazole Gel treatment. Where can i buy cheapest Metronidazole Gel online, Again, you may be swamped with class work or you may be trying to relish your time as an undergrad, Metronidazole Gel from canadian pharmacy, Purchase Metronidazole Gel online no prescription, but nowadays, jobs are hard to come by, is Metronidazole Gel addictive. Buy cheap Metronidazole Gel, Add the fact that you’ll soon have to pay off loans and bills—and probably want to get your own pad at some point—and you will realize that you don’t want to be behind the eight ball. Metronidazole Gel For Sale, It is frustrating when your peers have great jobs lined up while they are still students. While that does not happen to everyone, buy cheap Metronidazole Gel no rx, Buy no prescription Metronidazole Gel online, many students are preparing to enter the professional world months before they graduate. Be proactive in your job search and start putting feelers out, buy Metronidazole Gel without prescription. Metronidazole Gel price, You never know how long it will take to get a job and it’s smarter in the long run to get something fulfilling and profitable so you don’t have to take any old gig to get by. (Chances are, Metronidazole Gel canada, mexico, india, Kjøpe Metronidazole Gel på nett, köpa Metronidazole Gel online, you went to college so you would not have to just “get by” anyway.)

Even thinking about what you want to do and where you want to live—and arranging for those things—is smart planning. Talk to your parents about the possibility of moving home or see if you can get a roommate if you want to be out on your own or plan to move far from home, Metronidazole Gel For Sale.

When summer starts and your classmates are at work and you are home on mom’s sofa, generic Metronidazole Gel, Metronidazole Gel trusted pharmacy reviews, it may feel good for a while but it won’t be long before you will want to get out into the working world. Start your search now so you can make a timely transition, buy generic Metronidazole Gel. Cheap Metronidazole Gel, Practice interviewing. If you aced your public speaking class and excel at debates, where to buy Metronidazole Gel, Order Metronidazole Gel from mexican pharmacy, that doesn’t mean you will be a natural at an interview. Metronidazole Gel For Sale, Most of the time, the weight of landing your first job and the pressure of impending expenses can turn you into a frazzled mess when it comes time to sit down for a one-on-one. That kind of anxiety can take away every strategy you have mastered in the past, Metronidazole Gel dosage. Order Metronidazole Gel from United States pharmacy, Start developing answers to common interview questions and practice a mock interview with a friend or a professional in the Career Services office. You can submit a stellar resume but the interview is what makes or breaks it, buying Metronidazole Gel online over the counter. First impressions are huge in the real world.

Coming in to an office wide-eyed and bushy-tailed is common for recent grads, but you can get more comfortable with a professional environment by rehearsing answers and dressing up, Metronidazole Gel For Sale. Pay attention to things like how much you fidget—you may smell like an entry-level candidate to the interviewer but you don’t want to look like one, too.

Enjoy your last days in college. Even though it is beneficial to think about and prepare for the future, there is nothing like living in the now. Spend extra time with friends, sleep in, stay out late, hit up a crazy party, or enjoy campus activities. Even if you cannot wait to graduate, you will probably long to be a college student again at some point in the future—make the most of it now.

Kristen Fischer is the author of Ramen Noodles, Rent and Resumes: An After-College Guide to Life. For more tips on preparing for life after college and coping with 20-something issues, visit www.ramenrentresumes.com.

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Combivent For Sale

March 5, 2010

Combivent For Sale, The internet is awesome. It brings us the best of what people can do, buy cheap Combivent no rx. Combivent forum, Synn Labs has just upped the ante.

Admit it- this is where you pictured yourself working, buy Combivent no prescription. Get Combivent, You want to make full scale laser drinking games and get paid to play with Non-Newtonian fluids (rather than just mixing up some cornstarch and water in your kitchen).

Now, cheap Combivent no rx, Kjøpe Combivent på nett, köpa Combivent online, they've taken the most sacred invention of nerd and geek-kind alike and set it to music. OK Go asked Synn to help them create a Rube Goldberg machine for their new video "This Too Shall Pass."

You know you remember the awesome treadmill video that you showed to all your friends, purchase Combivent for sale. Combivent coupon, Well here is the next one to pass on. I'm pretty sure that's really what they meant by "This Too Shall Pass."
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qybUFnY7Y8w&feature=player_embedded[/youtube], buy cheap Combivent. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Combivent interactions. Where can i cheapest Combivent online. Buy generic Combivent. Combivent gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Combivent australia, uk, us, usa. Rx free Combivent. Combivent samples. Combivent wiki. Online buy Combivent without a prescription. Cheap Combivent. Order Combivent no prescription. Discount Combivent. Effects of Combivent. Order Combivent online overnight delivery no prescription. Combivent blogs. Real brand Combivent online. Combivent pharmacy. Combivent price. Buy Combivent from canada. Where to buy Combivent. Combivent treatment. Low dose Combivent. Combivent online cod. Where can i find Combivent online. Buy Combivent from mexico. Combivent duration. Is Combivent addictive. Combivent trusted pharmacy reviews. Comprar en línea Combivent, comprar Combivent baratos. Combivent cost.

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What Do You Do?

June 26, 2008

How do you answer the question "What do you do?" It's a decidedly quarterlife question. Until your mid-20s, most people go on the assumption that you are a student (an annoying assumption for those of us who didn't take the collegiate route), and thus the question need not be asked. But during your post-graduate age, whenever you go out to parties, or bars, or leave your apartment at all, the question inevitably gets asked, "What do you do?" Now, that's all well and good if you are doing something. It can be easily deflected by those of us who are in careers that we enjoy - "I'm a graphic designer," or "I'm a teacher," or "I sell kidneys on the black market." However, if you find yourself approaching, in, or just exiting your quarterlife crisis, this little question can be another foot in the hole that is the crisis. It's not that the question is inherently offensive; it's a standard ice breaker, getting-to-know-you, make-a-first-impression question. If someone is asking it in a romantic situation, it can be a tool to size you up - "Am I going to have to work while this loser plays Wii all day?" Mostly, though, the question is used to get a grasp of who you are so that the following inane chit-chat can have a direction. I hate this question. It is utterly pointless on multiple levels. If someone isn't really interested in getting to know me, then I feel no need to define myself for him or her. If someone is interested in getting to know me, there are far more interesting things about me than "what do you do?" I work at a furniture store (note: I did not say, "I'm a furniture salesperson"), and the people I sell things to all provide for themselves in some way. Do I care how? Not really. My concern is more along the lines of, "What problem do you have that I can find a solution for?" (By the way, we are a very different kind of furniture company!). Overall, I want to know about their needs more than their jobs. By learning about a person's needs, I get a more complete understanding of who that person is than any "what do you do" question could provide me. Of course, the answer to this question in times of crisis can bring up the inner quarterlife monster, who responds with a resounding "NOTHING!" It's a constant, forced introspection, a reevaluation of where you are in life. If, like many of us, you are in a crappy entry-level job in a field you hate, a graduate program that seems to go on forever, or unemployed, your response to this question echoes in your head, "I am a failure." Except that you're not. Sure, we all have unfulfilled potential and life may not have gone the way we intended (If it did, call me! I know some doctoral students who would love to study you.). It's realizing that what you "do" may not be defining who you "are." I've always wanted to do something inspiring that changed the world. I wanted to make a difference. My crisis made me doubt my relevance in the world. So, when people would ask me, "What do you do?" I didn't have a response. Sometimes the answer was, "nothing." Sometimes I embellished the most recent part-time, temporary project I had in order to make myself feel better about not having what I thought was a good enough answer. Ultimately, that is the issue: having a good enough answer, not for the person asking, but for yourself. It took a long time for me to come to terms with not having an answer at all. Now my answer changes all the time. Sometimes it is related to my work, and other times it is an element of who I am. Sometimes I am a contributor to a fabulous new website and other days I'm a semi-professional opera singer. I think that we all need to keep reminding ourselves about the parts of who we are that matter, and not get stuck on the parts that the world wants to matter, because, in the end, you're the only person to whom you have to answer.

Zen Beer-ism

June 13, 2008

Sometimes inspiration comes when you least expect it. For example, last weekend I was at an Irish pub in upstate New York. The waitress had just brought an order of hot wings and another tall, frothy, cold beer. It was a dark amber ale with a good head and great body. Clear. Smooth. Rich. It was hypnotic, and I fell into its trance. The tiny bubbles floated to the top, each one like a little planet racing into outer space. Before long I was floating in the beer. I was swimming around the planets, giddy like a kid on Christmas morning. Okay, maybe I was a little drunk. But inspiration nonetheless struck, and my great realization came: beer is a metaphor for life. I know this may sound like a fraternity initiation speech or an ode to the alcoholic. But it's not. Beer lovers consider it both an art and a skilled craft. Beer has always been an essential part of our lives. Its roots are embedded throughout history. It's said that the Pilgrims stopped at Plymouth Rock due to dwindling supplies, especially of their beer. Most of the Founding Fathers, including Jefferson and Washington, were brewers. And let's not forget "Billy Beers." But it wasn't the history of beer that made me come to my realization; it was the process of making it. A few days before my evening at the Irish pub, I attempted to brew my own beer, an India Pale Ale. The kit I used had more ingredients and steps than I expected. Gypsum powder, two different types of hops, a malt barley liquid, liquid malt extract (LME), and terms like "mash" and "wort" all made it seem very complicated. But after my intoxicating experience at the pub, I realized what it all meant. Like all life the process begins with water. You add the gypsum, then the malt barley, and bring the mixture to a boil, otherwise known as steeping. This is the basis for your beer, or what we'd consider to be adolescence. From here on out everything that is added will contribute to your flavor and appearance. Enzymes in the malt will break down the starches, or what some of us may refer to as high school, and produce a sugary liquid called wort. Once the wort has come to a boil, you can use cheese cloth to add various types of crushed grain. Though not required, this step adds to the overall flavor and color, or what we consider college. Now, here is where it gets interesting. Once you've removed the grain, you can add your first set of hops. This step represents our quarterlives. It's where the main flavor change occurs. The flavoring becomes dry, toasty, and bitter, but as a result adds longevity to the beer. Speaking for myself, I can say my quarterlife is having its fair share of difficulties. The flavors are definitely changing from the college years. Trouble with jobs and relationships, struggles with money, identity crises, and other unsavory factors will probably add to my bitterness. But, like beer, it's essential in making that final flavor. Once the first set of hops have been added, we'll need a continuous stir to prevent the wort from boiling over - this I'll refer to as a steady job. Then, we add the liquid malt extract (extra sugar). This step is important because it'll determine our alcohol content and increase our value. These are the sweeter things in life: marriage, children, home ownership, and job security. After our first set of hops and LME sugars have boiled for roughly fifteen minutes, we add the finishing hops, or midlife crisis. This, of course, finishes the flavoring, and extends the life of the beer to its fullest. Once the boiling is finished, you remove the wort, letting it cool. This stage, where nothing much happens, will be known as our fifties. Now comes the fun part. We add the yeast, or what I will consider retirement. The yeast acts as a catalyst for the fermentation process, breaking down the sugars, and thereby creating alcohol. The fermentation process may sound bad, but it's the best stage of all. At this point we can sit back and enjoy ourselves. No worries about adding any more ingredients, about boiling over, or about killing the yeast. We can just sit back, collect our retirement money, and ferment. Of course, the last step is the most important. Once fermentation is complete, it's time to bottle the product. And only when it's bottled can you tell what your final flavor will be. Only at the very end are you able to know what all those steps and ingredients have made your beer taste like. And that's life: only at the very end are you able to see who you've become and what your experiences have made of you. Other types of beers will have different steps and different ingredients - not everyone will follow the same process. Nonetheless, we tend to look for the same results: good ingredients, long shelf life, and great flavor. So, if you come across difficult times, finding yourself lost and looking for answers, just look to the beer (metaphorically speaking). Let the beer take you home (with a designated driver). Drown yourself in intoxicating thought (thought, not beer). And don't forget it's all about that final flavor.


April 22, 2008

Written By: Allison Whalen What came first, the job or the crisis? With the exception of the very rich, the particularly lucky, or those Bobby Fisher brainiac anomalies, most of us quarter-lifers don't have much to brag about in the way of job experience. We've all done our fair share of empty-headed labour, whether selling over-priced, ill-fitting, cotton garments, dunking frozen potatoes into a grease-spattering tub, or answering a front-desk phone in a peppy, little voice that secretly wants to stab every caller with a sharp pencil. These types of work (and so many more) can be neatly categorized as "McJobs", a term coined by the godfather of the quarter-life crisis, author Douglas Coupland. In Generation X, his sizzlin', pink novel that swept multiple nations in the early nineties, Coupland describes the "McJob" as a "...low-pay, low-prestige, low-dignity, low-benefit, no-future job in the service sector. Frequently considered a satisfying career choice by people who have never held one." Sound familiar? If you haven't read the book (get on that shit), it follows the lives of three quarter-lifers who have more or less run away from the Real World into the responsibility-less land of Palm Springs, to picnic in abandoned neighbourhoods and to lounge by kidney-shaped pools with nail polish and cappuccino. Not too shabby. Each character lives in respective bungalows and works a part-time McJob, two of them as bartenders and one as a retail counter cutie selling thousand dollar purses to the old ladies who can afford them. The book serves as a mini-escape for the twenty-something reader (especially to a fellow Real World escapee, alone in a dorm room on a cold, winter night in Ontario), as the balmy, surreal setting within the book complements its physical layout, replete with slogans, amusing info-bites, comics and other tasty treats. It's a welcome form of entertainment - a grown-up book with pictures! But the best part is that while it was written over fifteen years ago, it still manages to be relatable - so much so that it's a little scary. How many times have you or I twirled pencils or doodled our names in "veal-fattening pens" - what Coupland calls cubicles - feeling like a wilted piece of lettuce with flickering, fluorescent light bulbs for eyeballs? Alternatively, can't we also identify with a job serving booze to belligerent barflies or aged lushes who snipe on the young men behind the counters (we call 'em cougars up north)? Sometimes it's hard to tell whether Coupland is criticizing this kind of work, or if he simply sees it as an irritating but necessary rite of passage that can allow for a heady escape from the soulless, nine-to-five-zombie, downward spiral. Despite Coupland's potential opinion (which may very well have changed some two decades later), here's what I'm wondering: IS the McJob a rite of passage that we all must go through in our early twenties, whether it's a means of getting through University, raising a family, or supporting any number of recreational addictions? Or can we somehow slip through the system, fly through a shimmering loophole, and be able to achieve some sort of satisfaction in our work, conveniently skipping the grease burns, veal-fattening pens, door-to-door knife selling (as Jerry Seinfeld says, "I need a knife that can cut through a shoe!"), etc.? My answer to this is, well, I'm not really sure. The grinder in me tends to buck up and lean towards the "It builds character!" side of the fence when I think about how much I learned about interpersonal communication and customer service, not to mention a worldly knowledge of leather, fleece, and the dollar bills folks will shell out for Olympic gear (I had a McJob in a Canadian goods store that sold official Olympic gear. It also had its own radio station that would not only play the same garbage songs every single day, but would also shock us employees with a faceless, deep-voiced announcer who would pipe up every eight songs and say things like "We're warming you up like a hot cup o' chocolate!" in the middle of July). I may have gained blisters and grudges, but working with the public really taught me to deal with people - the good, the bad, and the ugly. In my case, the ugly was an angry lady who threw a housecoat at us cashiers on Boxing Day. Fun stuff. The "...but you'll never take my freedom!" side of me, however, is still gritting her teeth over the time a boss came to my office McJob with a pile of sticky objects and a tube of Goo-Gone, asking me to see what I could do. Those humiliating moments are tough on the quarter-lifer's soul, as we pick at linty glue with our nails, realizing that no one in HR cares that we earned an A+ on our American Lit paper last year, or even that we can walk around without crashing into things or breathe with our mouths closed. So, I ask you: do we need these McJobs to get us through our quarter-life crises, or do they only add to them?

Experience is for Wussies

March 4, 2008

I’m not getting my MBA because I love business. I’m getting my MBA because it was easier than working. It’s not that I’m looking for an easy way through life- God knows that I sure haven’t been a slacker. The path to Managerial Accounting started when I tried to get a job. Educated at the Honors College of the Florida State System, the number 3 high school in the nation, and with some hard-core graduate work and internships I went into my search fairly cocky that I would find my dream job. Six months later I was starting to rethink my, well, my everything. Why wasn’t anyone calling me? I had a resume (with a super cute template), experience in a variety of academic avenues, and even had some killer references. I started to look through the jobs and see if there was something I was missing. I noticed something. All the jobs I was applying for; marketing, administrative, research, warehouse forklift operator; required 3-5 years experience. Actually, 3-5 years experience OR an MBA. Well, I said to myself, “It would take me 2 years to get the MBA or I could have a crappy entry level job for five years.” So sign me up for deferred student loans and get me a Trapper Keeper- I’m a grad student. Maybe it’s a little escapist. Maybe I should have taken the harder road of standing outside a housing development with a little sign shaped like an arrow. Maybe my destiny should have included answering the phones at a small development firm until someone in buying quit, paving the road to a soulless corporate future. Which begs the question, how much does experience matter? That is exactly what Time Magazine asked this week in “Does Experience Matter in a President?” by David Von Drehle. Since the squabbling over qualifications is always a major part of any election year, it’s no big surprise that Obama has been the focus of the “you’re too green” argument this time around. What is the most interesting aspect of the article is a graph showing the experience level of all the former presidents. A few specifics stand out- Abraham Lincoln was among the least experienced presidents, but he served between two of the most experienced (Buchanan and Johnson) and accomplished more that either of the two more experienced men. Chester A. Arthur had no experience when he became VP under Garfield. Then Garfield was assassinated and he found himself leader of the free world. Taylor, Grant, and Eisenhower had never been elected to any office, local or otherwise, and had only been army generals before they took office. Even Roosevelt was among our less experienced presidents and out of our founding fathers; Washington was by far the least experienced. “Experience, in other words, gets its value from the person who has it” says Von Drehle. Experience means nothing if one doesn’t know how to use it. A companion article details the program at Florida State that studies human performance. They use a robot in a hospital setting to test nurses of various years experience in crisis situations. What they found is that the number of years experience is not an indicator of performance. The novice nurse and the experience nurse made the same mistake, but the experienced nurse killed her patient more quickly. What all this means is that companies out there are hiring based on characteristics they think you can only get through a certain number of experiences. My MBA is nothing more that letting them think that business school is gong to make a difference in the kind of person I am. Sure I’ll learn about Activity Based Costing and how to convert Euros to Dollars, but it isn’t going to teach me time management, interpersonal skills, or any of those other blanket skills requested on Monster.com. It’s hard to prove yourself when no one will give you a shot. Fortunately for America, we haven’t required 3-5 years experience or an MBA- we might have missed out on some of our greatest leaders.

The Enjoyment of Unemployment

February 24, 2008

The Enjoyment of UnemploymentSlacker, underachiever, no-good, detriment to society, straight up loser; how could someone with any sense of value take pride in unemployment?…well I’ll tell you how. I’m a twenty-five year old college graduate with a degree in Film and Television. Two years ago I walked across the Graduation stage and took a hold of that prestigious piece of paper. It was my greatest achievement to date (step aside ’93 Little League all-star appearance), and filled me with a sense of satisfaction and success. To be honest it made me a little giddy. I was light on my feet as I walked across the stage. It felt like a pair of hands lifted me across, guided me, and reassured me with their guidance that everything was going to be ok. It was an incredible feeling and one that I’ll never forget. In six months time those same hands were back but with a little different feeling this time. Instead of lifting me across the stage they were slamming me…in the gut…over…and over…and over…and over. Yes, my bright and shining future had a $100,000 black cloud of debt looming overhead and there was/is nothing to do but take the punches and deal with it. Lucky for me I was fortunate enough to land a job in my career right after graduation. It was local to my college making it convenient not to make a big move after I graduated. It was a good entry-level job as a productions assistant for a TV show about all things agriculture. I began as an unpaid intern, moved into part-time and in a few months full-time work. The Savannah run television show aired on PBS across the nation. Yes, its PBS, and Yes the content has a lot to do with farms so No it was not my dream job but it was a start, more importantly it was a way to pay the bills and loans (1,000/month). Yup, $1,000 to loan companies every month! $1,000 a month until I’m 60! Never again will I be able to buy 1,000 dollar menu items from Wendy’s in the month of April, never again will I be able to afford 50 bottles of Jose Cuervo in August, and never again will I be able to purchase 65 of those novelty tuxedo t-shirts in November, you know the ones that make it look like your wearing a tuxedo but in actuality it’s only a T-SHIRT!! HA! Anyway, what I’m trying to say is loan debt sucks. It’s always there. Always present. Always annoying. And always needs to be dealt with. It’s a lot like herpes. Loans are the herpes of the financial world. Now since loans are the herpes than a steady job must be the preventative topical cream. So, I knew it was very important to keep this job and keep those herpes at bay. Of course this added a lot of pressure onto a job already full of it. As a productions assistant there were endless new problems to deal with, difficult demands to be on top of, a number of bosses to cater to, unreliable workflow that varied daily, and a management crew with a knack to create problems rather than fix them. The company had its problems and the entry levels suffered. There were mistakes made, my job was threatened often, endless confrontations, and a constant feeling of failure. Of course the struggles are to be expected this early in a young career. Everyone struggles when they start right? Dealing with low pay, or treated poorly, or both is simply the norm. But expecting it and telling yourself it’s going to be ok does nothing to curb the actual feeling of ‘dealing with it’, the feelings of anxiety and depression that float around your head throughout the day. Even with my anxieties, to say the least, it was a comfortable job. Two years was the longest I’ve worked anywhere and it was hard to find the motivation to push myself and quit. And I never did. As much as I thought about it I never walked into the CEO’s office and handed him my two weeks. I didn’t because of those damned herpes. I was paying the bills and keeping the loans in check. I wasn’t gaining any ground or even saving but I was at least breaking even. But I was miserable. But I was breaking even. But still pretty miserable. But making those loan payments. But I hated my job. But the loan debt wasn’t getting higher. But MISERABLE… Two weeks ago I was called into the Senior VP’s office and let go. The company was through with production for a while and couldn’t afford to keep me on payroll. I wasn’t surprised and I wasn’t hurt though I did feel rejected. In some way it felt like I was personally holding back the company from achieving success. It felt personal but I know it wasn’t. It was a business move and that’s all there was too it. As I walked out the door I shook the VP’s hand and thanked him for the opportunity to be a part of the show and I meant it. I closed the door behind me and knew that I would always be on the outside of what was like a second home. As I walked to my car I felt light again. I wasn’t concerned about how I was going to pay my loans, or how I was going to pay bills. I felt elusive, like I was sneaking away from the scene of a crime and no one was there to catch me. The hands were back and helped me open my car door and I drove off. Strangely enough I felt comfortable and at ease only a few minutes after being laid off. I had every reason to freak out and go into a sleepy depression but I never did. Instead I went home played guitar hero then went to sleep comfortably. The week following my lay off was one of the best weeks of my life. The pressures of work were gone. I didn’t feel miserable. I talked with my family and discussed plans to come home. I never wanted to end up 25 and living at home but was very thankful to have family to go back to. I went into the unemployment office for the first time and filed for unemployment. I’m being awarded just enough to pay off my loans each month enabling me to focus on finding work when I go home rather than my loans. I’m able to put some of my loans that were in forbearance now into unemployment deferment saving me lots of money in interest. The Giants won the Super Bowl! And my sister told me I was going to be an Uncle. Ever since my lay off I’ve been riding this wave of good fortune and piece of mind in a situation that should have lent itself to the complete opposite. Being unemployed has a strange feeling to it. It’s not quite comfortable nor is it restless but somewhere in between. It’s sometimes hard to accept but I am thankful to be where I am. My job made me miserable and I didn’t have it in me to quit. My circumstances were my own and no more difficult than anyone else’s. The door at my first job closed behind me because it needed to in order for the next to open and the next after that and the next from there. Wherever I go I know there will always be a door open and that’s a very exciting thought. So, in the meantime, and this goes for anyone in between jobs, take pride in your struggles and like me try to experience the enjoyment of unemployment.