The Perils of Online Dating

February 25, 2010

You’ve tried them all- Match, eHarmony, Craigslist- and you’re still coming up duds. The QL crew talks dating in a digital world, with both beautiful results and hilarious disasters. Shout out to the “Lemon Guy”! Music by Danko Jones and Josh Canova.

I Do Not Hook Up

June 8, 2009

NPR is weighing in on dating this week. Studies show that we as twenty-somethings are not dating, but rather are hooking up. The availability of casual encounters are much higher for our generation with co-ed dorm rooms, the pervasiveness of Craigslist, and a focus on career and socialization rather than settling down.

My response was…”And?”

Actually, NPR tried to withhold judgment….kind of. They tried to take the high road of “sociological observer” rather than critic. The piece still comes across as “sex bad, marriage good” in the end and that the casual sexual encounter is devoid of emotion, feeling, or care for your partner.

Our own first lady of American Idol, Kelly Clarkson,  has a song on the charts now proclaiming “I Do Not Hook Up.” Ironically co-written by Katy Perry of “I Kissed a Girl” fame, the chorus tells us:

Oh, no, I do not hook up, up, I go slow
So if you want me, I don’t come cheap
Keep your hand in my hand, your heart on your sleeve
Oh, no, I do not hook up, up, I fall deep
‘Cause the more that you try the harder I’ll fight
To say goodnight

I prefer the Rollergirl anthem of Brand New Key that totes:

I ride my bike, I roller skate, don’t drive no car
Don’t go too fast, but I go pretty far
For somebody who don’t drive
I been all around the world
Some people say, I done all right for a girl.

The tide may be turning where the hook up is no longer regarded as a seedy event in which only loose women and studly men partake. Even if Kelly Clarkson and NPR don’t approve.

For full NPR hooking up info:

Podcast 7-11-08: Marriage

July 11, 2008

On our inaugural podcast, we wrestle with one of our generation’s hottest topics: marriage.  We’ve had several comments and discussions on the site about this topic, and decided to bat it around on our first podcast.  We have a varied group of individuals ranging from the staunchly single, to the happily married.  Hope you enjoy, and tune in weekly for new podcasts!

Zen Beer-ism

June 13, 2008

Sometimes inspiration comes when you least expect it. For example, last weekend I was at an Irish pub in upstate New York. The waitress had just brought an order of hot wings and another tall, frothy, cold beer. It was a dark amber ale with a good head and great body. Clear. Smooth. Rich. It was hypnotic, and I fell into its trance. The tiny bubbles floated to the top, each one like a little planet racing into outer space. Before long I was floating in the beer. I was swimming around the planets, giddy like a kid on Christmas morning. Okay, maybe I was a little drunk. But inspiration nonetheless struck, and my great realization came: beer is a metaphor for life.

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Marriage: A Team To Play On When Ready

June 4, 2008

Similar to Quarterlives author David Morgan, I check the box for married on all tax and patient history forms. I have been married since September 2005, and recently have been blessed with the birth of my first child. To date, my marriage has been terrific.

I have known my wife for over 6.5 years. When we first started dating in July 2001, I had no intent of tying the knot, nor did I suspect that she would “be the one.” It was not until three years later that I gave marriage a thought. And my first thought about it was not positive.

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Surfing For Love On The Net

February 23, 2008

Surfing For LoveIt all started shortly after college. I was working a soulless “Office Space” job creating 3D bombing trainers for the military. You know, the type of job that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside about your contribution to the world. I had lived in the same general 100 mile vicinity for my entire 23 years of existence. The days of playing Mario Kart all night long while sharing drinks with good friends were becoming few and far between. I was trying so hard not to let the college days slip out of my grasp, but they were already gone. The only responses I received from companies I sent my resume and demo reels to were rejection letters. My last serious girlfriend was nearly 5 years prior and any date since then had been a joke. Maybe it’s because my idea of a good first date was taking them surfing in Florida hurricane swell, rock climbing or to a hard rock concert. The way I saw it, if they couldn’t deal with a little extreme sport action, the outdoors and a good rock concert, we ultimately were not going to get along.

What happened to all of my hopes and dreams? Was the past year an indication of what the rest of my life would become? A lonely one track path through the halls of corporate misery… [Read more]

Marriage: Is It For You?

February 22, 2008

Is It For You?A couple of weeks ago, I attended my cousin’s wedding. Normally, I could care less about weddings, but it was my Italian cousin getting hitched. And every time I get invited to an Italian wedding, I check that “Will Attend” box faster than an overweight ninja on a buffet line. Why?

Because at Italian weddings, you know the food is going to be nothing short of orgasmic. And let’s not forget the plentiful booze.

I know, I know. I shouldn’t reduce such events to superficial elements. Weddings are about two people acknowledging their love and dedication to each other for the rest of their lives. It’s a ceremony of beauty and –

Who the hell am I kidding? 50% of these marriages go down the toilet, so obviously these fools that decide to tie the knot aren’t really THAT committed. Just because they had a delusional fit and buy into this “sanctity” bullshit doesn’t mean I should as well. If you’re dumb enough to get married and pay thousands [Read more]

Holy Croatian Wedlock Batman!

February 20, 2008

Croatian GroomI think it’s going to be an April wedding– mostly because he needs an apartment after this semester. Wait, wait…let me back up.

I started my official graduate classes this January after a long, boring onslaught of prerequisite undergrad catching up. Apparently, my school follows the grand grad student tradition of being a magnet for international students seeking a higher education. With the influx of euro-hotties, the possibilities for entrepreneurial advancement are immense.

Enter Croatian boy– Tall, skinny, and disarmingly euro (or gay, but I’m going with Euro). His glasses aren’t available in the states and his shoes have seaming on them you can only find abroad. He also is experiencing the unfortunate disadvantages of not having a social security number. Try to get a cell phone, buy a car, or rent an apartment without a SSN and you have to do some major finagling. At least once a week he asks me how he applies for a social security number, to which I often reply, “You can’t, until we get married.” [Read more]