1. Adelaide Mankato says:

    Americans should have ballsed up and listened to Carter in the 1980s, but the fact that they didn’t should tell the current administration what they are dealing with here and they need to get a clue.
    I don’t agree with all policy being pushed by our current administration, but I also don’t agree with your over simplification of priorities, either. Yeah, you might not care about health care reform if you don’t have food on your plate, but if you’ve got cancer and no insurance, that meal on the table probably won’t go down so well anyway.
    I think the problem isn’t the policies that Obama has chosen to focus on, but rather, that he’s not fully committed to them. He pussies out and the American people end up with very little as a result. What we have now isn’t Obama-care . . . Bill Maher correctly labeled it a watered-down version of Bod Dole’s old plan.
    I do agree that a real effort to commit to improving jobs by actually creating some through infrastruction improvement. Again, I think that’s something that’s been hinted at, and then for reasons I can’t exactly figure out (not getting re-elected? no one re-elected people who don’t give them improvement they can feel), they back the fuck down in a major pussy way and we end up with less than we need.
    Also, fuck the rich. Trickle down economics is a fairy tale. It does not work. Extending the Bush tax cuts won’t do shit for this country.

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