1. Tiffany says:

    Yowza! I feel like you are writing about me here…

    “The uncomfortable situation of telling the company you’re quitting; some crazy belief that you’re letting the company down; or the fear of living without a steady paycheck for a few weeks.”

    I want to quit my job so badly. I don’t get paid nearly enough for all the work I do, but I’m afraid to let my bosses down. When they hired me, they told me they were looking for someone who would be there for at least 2 years. I’ve been there for almost 1 — I just feel dishonest to quit so early when I committed, you know? And yet, I’m not pursuing law anymore so my work feels irrelevant to my life goals. Boo.

  2. David Morgan says:

    Hey Tiffany!

    In my opinion I think you should quit if you’re unhappy there. When I’m unhappy at a job it spills over in to all aspects of my life, which isn’t healthy for me or my relationship. Especially if the job no longer relates to your desired career path. By quitting, I mean start looking for a better job that relates to your career now, then when you find it, quit. Unless you’re so unhappy there that you feel like puking when you realize you have to go work in the morning… then quit sooner. For me it’s only ever taken a month or 2 at the most when looking for a new job. If you explain the situation to your boss and give them at least a 2 week notice, I think you’ll be surprised how well they take it and understand.

    In my opinion you have to be a little selfish when it comes to work and careers, or a lot will pass you by. I’m sure your boss will still recommend you for the next job if you have performed well. The worst they can do is say you found a better job being paid more what you deserve, and I don’t think you have to feel guilty about it. A 2 year commitment is an “ideal” situation for the employer and for an “ideal” candidate, but not a likely find.

    I’m no expert, but hopefully that helps. And good luck with finding a new job 🙂

  3. You are exact in your words man. I am just turning 19 and I have worked 4 different jobs already. The companies that I worked for do not care for anything else other than their personal interest. I have a blog post on my site about my last “real” job, check it out if you have time.

    I am fortunate that I do not give a damn about letting them down.

    Thanks for this post.

  4. Thanks for writing this, it’s good to hear I’m not the only one that feels this way. We hear so many feel-good stories about companies that want to “help their people grow,” but it’s hard to believe with all the crap we have to put up with in our lives.

  5. Millicent says:

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