1. Brett says:

    First, and foremost, I take offense to your accusation that warriors are the fratboys of Warcraft, when in fact, everyone knows it is the Paladins +/ Rogues… who, as correctly stated, also double as “backstabbing assholes.”

    I will also say that “more gay,” is probably not the best way to designate certain races in the game. I will concede that certain races are considered “more nooby (new player who has no clue),” or more expected to be played by the younger demographic of Warcraft.

    Also, I have to disagree with you one more time! I would discourage people to buy the expansion pack when they buy the original game. The main reason being… if you never make it to an appropriate level (technically lvl 58) to see and experience the expansion pack, you have wasted 40 bucks on new content you will never see.

    The only exception to this of course, is that the expansion pack carries with it two “additional” races and starting zones that last up to about level 20, outside of that, save your money… see if you even like the game first.

    And then… get ready to shell out another 40 bucks for the Newest World of Warcraft expansion pack: The Wrath of the Lich King.

  2. David says:

    Haha, you know I can’t argue with anything Brett says about WoW. I’m the noob by comparison! Yeah, so maybe Warriors are the Jocks of the WoW universe… how’s that!?

  3. Bryan Heymann says:

    Brett was definitely the greatest WoW player ever. This game was extremely hard to quit… maybe because it gives a sense of accomplishment… maybe an avenue out of the mundane, who knows.

    The statement that friends are playing just not admitting is priceless and true.

    Hope Hawaii is good for you.

  4. David Morgan says:


    Great to hear from you man. Yeah! Brett is still the ultimate WoWer. You should jump back in the game, the DRS Clan could use 1 more!

    Things are going great in Hawaii. Hope all’s well in O-Town.

  5. Brad M. says:

    Hey dude,

    I was sent the link to this from your sis-in-law. Fun read. I’ve been a player since Jan ’06. Haha, liked the ‘warriors as frat boys’ line (first character I rolled).

    I kind of disagree with Brett on a couple of things. One, though the term, ‘more gay’, may seem a bit off-color, but the stigma is still there. Gnomies are gonna get hunted down, and BEs will most probably get /flirted with.

    Secondly, if one is going to take the standpoint of ‘buy the original game first to see if you like it’, why not just do the 10-day trial and see if you like the game?

  6. HerNoobness says:

    Arent you that guy who doesnt want a girlfriend because it comes in the way of playing the amazing World of Warcraft?
    do you still play?
    do you have a girlfriend?

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