1. Rob says:

    That’s pretty funny. Mostly because I’m in the same situation.

  2. Mr_O says:

    I’m about to be in that situation in a month. But its great for saving money

  3. mikka says:

    you’re telling me. so true. DON’T DO IT, RUN AWAY.

  4. this is hilarious n i can totally relate as I just moved back in with my aunt and uncle recently.. whilst the family per se is somewhat different.. the mechanics is pretty much similar.. good one! 🙂 enjoy ur blog.. keep on writing!

  5. Kitty says:

    You’re in your 20s! You’re an adult and should act like one and assume all the responsibilities. Get your own place and be a contributing member of society…….not an overgrown kid that needs to be taken care of.

    • Lyss says:

      Life is not quite that simple. Not everyone has it as easy as you apparently have. It is an expensive world today and many jobs don’t pay enough to allow you to live alone. Gawd forbid you are trying to pay for school at the same time. Moving back home for a bit is no different than sharing expenses with a lifelong friend. If you’re lucky, maybe you don’t even have to share the expenses and thus may be able to get out even that much quicker. ;c)

      Of course there are cases where the person in question should get their act together and grow up but to assume that someone is not an adult because they have moved back home in an attempt to get their life in order is ludicrous.

      Anyhow, great list. Very funny!

  6. Harry says:

    Dear Kitty- In Thailand and many other South-East Asian countries (not to mention parts of the Middle East), if you are unmarried and NOT living with your parents, something is terribly wrong in your life.

    It’s a luxury only Western folks enjoy, one not everyone gets to enjoy as soon as they turn 20.

  7. December says:

    There are some benefits to moving in with your parents, but having a full fridge will only get you so far.

    Great read.

  8. Meagan says:

    ugh- my boyfriend and I both are back in these situations with our parents…
    I am 21, and as a female dating someone who is a family friend of the boyfriends parents (and whose parents are personally very good/best friends with the boyfriends), it is interesting how their conversations are going to start going.

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